Shhhhhhhh! It’s A Secret

I am going to tell you about Rosita’s Hideaway. I ask that you keep this a very guarded secret. I don’t want too many people to know about this wonderful find.

On Thursday and Saturday evenings between 5:00PM and 9:00 PM Rosita’s Hideaway is open to give you a taste of Salvador. Rosita will prepare her fabulous Salvadoran Tortillas accompanied with her special sauce and some cabbage.

These tortillas are like nothing that I have ever eaten before. I watched here make several. She took a handful of tortilla dough and molded it into a bowl shape in her hand. Then she adds the ingredients that you choose. You can have pork, refried beans or cheese or a combination of all. After placing the contents into the tortilla she pulls the edges of the bowl of dough over the top and flattens the ball into a fat stuffed tortilla. These are than placed on a griddle to cook to a toasty brown. You have to eat one to really know how good they are.

There were five of us and we all ordered the combination. We also ordered two to go for a couple youngsters that didn’t come with us. Here is our order of tortillas. You can see the beans or pork trying to peak through the tortilla. Each is about 3/8s of an inch thick.

We each took our tortilla and added as much cabbage to the top as we wanted. Then we put on some of Rosita’s special sauce. The sauce is in this photo.

Here is my tortilla before it did a disappearing act.

The total order for the night was 7 loaded tortillas and two fresh fruit drinks. All of this for less than $10.00. This may be one of the best priced treats in all of David.

As I said before, I am telling just a few select people about Rosita’s Hideaway. I really want to keep this a secret. For you select people I will give you directions on how to find this secret location.

Turn off the Interamerican Highway onto the street that runs in front of Plaza El Terronal and super market, El Rey.

At the fifth corner, turn right. You will pass a white, three story apartment building on the right. If you do not see this apartment building, you turned on the wrong street. Since you are on the correct street, go to the very end. The driveway on the left will lead you to Rosita’s hideaway. There is a tent set up with a couple tables and around the front of the house are four other tables.

Having Rosita’s tortillas is a really community happening. No telling who you will find there, it might even be me. If you stop in, tell Rosita that you heard about her fabulous tortillas and saw them on Chiriquí Chatter.

If you want to call and just pickup your order to take home. You can use either of the following two numbers. 777-3848 or 64683910

10 thoughts on “Shhhhhhhh! It’s A Secret

  1. Don Ray:
    Aren’t they called “pupusas”? I believe that is how they are called by El Salvador people here in California.

  2. Hi Jamie. Yes that is the name. I guess I did forget to include the name. Must have been a senior moment.

    However, I did remember to have some more tonight.

  3. Hi Kathy. I haven’t heard that nema, but it would fit. They are probably the best right off the griddle and on the plate and into the gut. Ummmm. I am getting hungry again and had them just last night.

  4. There is something really special about eating food you have just watched being prepared. From where we were sitting in the covered patio at a nice clean table we could see the tortillas being shaped and then filled. We knew what to expect from the pictures on the website and we were not disappointed. We enjoyed the tortillas, two per person is quite a full meal for us. It was good to meet Don Ray, who showed up shortly after we did for his weekly visit. The directions you gave were easy to follow and the confirmation of the white three story apt. bldg just confirms you are on the right street. My challenge was explaining to the taxi driver where to go but we did it. I would recommend if you like this type of food to make a point of having supper there. Serene outdoor ambiance! We ordered two to go so our total bill came to about $10 with three drinks

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