Niskwa Artesanias

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A friend of mine mentioned that next to the Costa Rican Hotel, diagonal to University Latina, some space had been donated so that Kuna crafts could be exhibited. I was interested, because if you want to buy some Molas or other authentic Indian crafts, you can do it here and the money will go directly to those that need to have the money. You can buy the same crafts in many stores, but there, only a portion will get to the tribal members. I could be wrong, but I understand that all that is sold here will.

Here is a wall of Molas.

Here is a table of crafts.

Some more Molas and some shirts and dresses.

Here is a display case of other items.

This sweet lady consented to let me take here photo doing some elaborate stitching.

Stop and have a look for yourself. Rather than donate money, I always think it is better to show appreciation for the artisans real crafts. You benefit and so do they.

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