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  1. Don Ray,
    Thanks for the link. Having been an expat, I’ve probably been sometimes too distant from the locals who weren’t upper class. I like to think that in my second expat location (Indonesia) I did a better job of being sensitive to where I was (still room for improvement though).

  2. Don Ray:
    Thanks for the link. I am leaving this comment that I also posted on Richards blog.
    Dear Richard:
    Excellent piece very well done. As a “chiricano” living in CA now, I have seen the 2 sides if the equation. I believe the migration of americans to Panama is helping the economy, but also, americans need to understand they are guests on a THIRD WORLD Country and they need to adapt to the culture and people. I have adapted to living in the US, even though I would prefer some things from Panama (music, food, etc). But I am not trying to impose these to other people here. Once you understand that, respect the culture and try to be part of it (like learning the language), the benefits will be mutual.
    JL Gonzalez

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