Blood Donation Request

The foillowing is from one of the Yahoo groups:

We really need your help. John Fillis is in the hospital and will
need surgery probably for thursday IF we can get 5 pints of
B Rh Negative blood. That is not very common among us Panamanians so
could I ask you to post a message on the highlanders web or whatever.
We will pay the donors if they qualify. Mechi Fillis is at the Clinica
Mae Lewis in David room 5 and her cel phone is 6509-2701. We need your
prayers. Mechi

Please post this message from Mechi and John Fillis from Volcan. (I
did not know who else to have post this but I have seen your name on
this site fairly frequently so I hope you dont mind I ask you this

2 thoughts on “Blood Donation Request

  1. As I recall, isn’t there a blood type that is the “universal donor”; that any type can accept? While B- may be rare, this other type may be available.

  2. Hello Don,

    I have been asking without positive results, but I join them in prayers. Regarding Dave´s comment, no: medical technicians always do a previous crossmatching and the samples won´t be compatible.
    More info at: + universal blood-donor type


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