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I have been busy, but I can’t see any evidence of why. I know that this week, I haven’t posted much. Just haven’t had my heart in it. I have been continuing to eat (surprise) and do have some information that may be of interest.

Last Friday, we decided to go back to Las Brasas. The main craving, that pointed me there, was to have another slice of cheese cake. As luck would have it, they were out of cheese cake. Chino, was happy to see us and mentioned that a few people had stopped in and said hello to him.

I ordered Costillitas de cerdo ahumadas. I expected to get charcoaled ribs with a bar-b-que sauce. Since this was a spur of the moment thought to go there, I didn’t take my camera, but luckily, my cell phone was able to take a reasonable photo.

As you can see, these were not the traditional ribs I was expecting. I would describe it as a ham steak. Even though it wasn’t what I was expecting, I thought it was extremely good. The charcoal flavor was very, very good and I was not disappointed.

On Sunday, we went to Tamburrelli’s.  Tamburrelli’s is always a safe choice when you want a large menu to choose from. However, this post isn’t about the food I had. I want to let you know that Tamburrelli’s has undergone some changes. It has enlarged its serving capacity. Also I believe all of the tables and chairs have been updated.

Through the door, that you see in the middle of the following photo, is another dining room. It looks like it would be a good room for special events, such as birthdays or dinner meetings. If you haven’t been to Tamburrelli’s in a while, check out their new digs.

7 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Hi Don
    I know this don’t have anything to do with this post but I wonder if you know anything about shortwave radios and if they have any place in David thats sells them THANKS DAVE

  2. Hi Dave. I guess the question falls into a this and that category.

    What type of radio are you looking for. I haven’t seen any good portable SW radios in David. I don’t recall seeing any desktop units at all. I brought a Sony ICF-2010 with me from the US and certainly haven’t seen anything like it. I think I have seen some cheap Chinese portables in some of the Asian electronic stores. I don’t know how good they are.

    I know there are active ham radio operators in panama and if you can find one of them, they might be able to advise you.

  3. CCrane & Grundig (Yachtboy, I believe) are the brands to look for IMO. Buy one on Ebay & have it mailed down.
    I think you might have the ability to listen in via the internet too..

    PS. Be careful out there! Seas are crashing over the stern!
    Jubilados should have diversified out of USDollar holdings by now…

    EL KK

  4. Actually, Grundig is not the same company it was in the 70s-80s. Now it is like buying a RCA. You have no idea who is building it and the last I read the quality was pretty poor.

  5. that is what I would like to know . Is how you can listen to short wave with the internet. that way I would not have to buy another radio

  6. Nahhh, I don’t know about Grundig. I bot my Yachtboy about 4 years ago and it’s been through hell and works really well. All these local contractors borrow it on every job they do for me. Heck! With all the $$ I pay them (relatively speaking, of course) they could afford a Telefunken T-800 tube-hybrid! Luckily, the work is 95% done; cows are out back, greenhouse shaping up nicely, goat in the yard & fruit trees growing/producing well.
    Anyhow, back to the business @ hand.
    Dave, I did a google search on ‘listen to shortwave radio on the internet’ and the search yielded the results to be found here:

    Hope this helps. OH, also, I think I’ve read that SONY makes a couple good shortwave radios. I agree with Don also that you never know what you’re going to get so read the reviews and lay down your $$$$ & good luck!

    Your Neighbor,

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