Casa Del Churrasco

A new Argentinean restaurant opened in David a few months ago. I was there around lunchtime today, so I stopped in. It is much larger than you would expect if you were driving by. I think I counted at least 24 tables for four persons. When I got there, there was only one person eating. When I left. At least a third of the tables was full.

At lunch time they serve a buffet. I am not sure how they price it, since I didn’t see any price listed. I guess, if you go often enough, you just know.

I thought the buffet area presented all of its food well.

In this area they have a large brick oven and obviously sell pizzas as well. They were in the process of baking loves of bread when I was there.

I chose a chicken parmigiana. My plate, as it is pictured below, was $5.00. I thought that what I chose was very favorable and I was pleased with it.

I was curious, if they used the buffet at night, so I asked the young lady at the register. She said they had an evening menu. I asked if I could see one.

I sat at my table and looked through it. It included pizzas, pastas, calzones, and a large selection of meat dishes. I was going to take some photos of the menu, but the young lady from the register ran up and said, “You can’t take photos of the menus”. I told her I wanted to put it with my post on the Internet, so people would have an idea what they offered. Again she said, “You can’t take photos of the menu”. I asked if I could take her photo and she said, “NO!”, grabbed the menu and returned to the cash register. I assume since she was in charge of the money, I must have just talked to management. Her English was perfect. I guess she didn’t speak in Spanish, because she wanted to be sure she got her point across.

I was disappointed in management’s decision to prevent my taking photos of the menu. I have a hard time understanding the thinking behind it. If it were me, I would want people to know my offerings. Everyone always knows that a new restaurant’s menu is only valid for a short time.

None the less, she got what she asked for. I hope someone goes there at night and tries some of the beef dishes. I would like to know how their evening meals are. I would have considered going, but I think I will leave it to others to provide that review.

To get to the restaurant, it is on the street that goes by the IDAAN office. It is in the previous block. It is across the street from Artifactos de Baru. Watch for the sign in the following photo.

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  1. Don Ray:
    Sometimes we simply don´t understand others. In this case, security reasons would not apply; image, wouldn´t either. So, forget them, it´s their problem…

  2. Hey DR – back to the restaurant. We have had dinner there 2 or 3 times now and obviously enjoyed it enuf to go back. Have not tried the pizza but should tell you that the bread they were baking while you were there is served with a delicious eggplant appetizer – and is the tastiest we’ve found in David. While looking through the menu, the server will bring around a tray with ‘samples’ to show you the various cuts of beef they offer. The steaks are cooked to your preference (medium is medium and not well-done/burnt) which we’ve found is not always the case in other establishments. In spite of the young lady’s odd behaviour towards you, we think the Casa is definitely worth a try. Have also had the lunch buffet there, where a very juicy pork roast was available. Couldn’t tell you the pricing system, but felt the price was fair.

  3. Hi DSD,

    Glad to hear that the quality of the night menu is good enough to have you return. That says a lot to me. Your recommendations have never let me down.

  4. Hi Don: last night I went for dinner with other 4 friends from the office. Everything that DSD wrote was exact, the bread is very good as is the eggplant appetizer and the waiter shows you samples of the various cuts of beef (local and imported). Two of us ordered the “entraña” (local, not imported) and the other 3 ordered the 8 oz. “churrasco” (again local, not imported) either with patacones of french fries or sauteed potatoes or rice. The beef was cooked right the way each one ordered and was very good. They offer chimichurri sauce and criolla sauce which were very tasty.
    We all had the “ceviche de camarones” since they had ran out of the “ceviche de pescado”. It was good but rather a small portion.
    We also tried the “papa rellena chili” which is a (big) baked potato topped with very tastiing chili and cheese (yummy!). We all agreed that dinner was very good, the service was prompt, friendly and adequate. Prices are very reasonable if you don´t order the imported beef.
    By the way, they have an A/C area and by the time we left, around 8:30 p.m. the restaurant was 3/4 filled which is surprising for a weekday night and not a payday.

  5. I’ve eaten there a lot, it is good food, some of the best in David. The owner is nice but his daughter is a typically surly Argentine, a girl with a face only a mother can love and a crappy attitude to match. She lords over the Panamanian staff relentlessly (the Panamanian staff are lovely and quite friendly) yet the overall quality of the restaurant is excellent, although the pesto dishes tend to be a bit greasy. All other pastas and steaks tend to be a good value although the hamburgers are not so hot

  6. By the way, the surly cashier went to college in Florida, lived there 5 years, she’s the owner’s daughter and would rather be elsewhere though I do not know why – Chiriqui is lovely.

  7. It is most likely she that is the reason I have not returned. I go there only for lunch and that is if I can’t convince myself to go somewhere else.

  8. Buena comida les recomiendo que visiten este lugar cuando esten por David, las pizzas muy buenas.

  9. Hi Don,
    Would you know if this place is still open? It was one of our favorites. We haven’t been to David for 2 years, health issue’s. Is there a current list of what’s open now?

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