Las Brasas Is Open

Looking in the direction of the Coca Cola plant.

Actually, Las Brasas has been open for a while, but I just got the opportunity to go by and try it out.

While my neighbor is basking in the sun in England (I really think he is enduring damp and dreary weather), I took an opportunity to take his family out so see if the hamburgers were as good as I remembered them at Las Brasas.

Las Brasas was closed for several months while it under went a major remodeling. I must say that all the work that went into it was well done. It is much nicer than it was, but it retained its casual atmosphere. I guess I would say that it has a rustic Chinese flair to it.

The menu is larger than it was, however the prices are still very reasonable.

There were too many items that I wanted, but just to compare, I ordered the Las Brasas Deluxe. At $3.25 it is still the best hamburger value in David. Cooking over charcoal gives all of the meats a very good flavor. One of the things I appreciate is that they let you put on what you want. I hate it when the restaurant puts on a ton of mustard, mayonnaise, and ketchup. They have all of the options on the table and you can have it your way.

Three of my guests had the $2.00 version. Only one patty of meat. Mine had two. As you can see I had French fries and this plate had yucca.

The last in our party had a Pollo (chicken) brochette. I don’t remember the price and can’t find it on the menus I copied. Just as the hamburgers, it received two thumbs up.

On the dessert front, we tried three different items. One person had the house flan (two thumbs up).

Two had brownies ala mode (four thumbs up).

I shared my New York Style Cheese cake (four thumbs up). Let me tell you that at $2.50, this is a real bargain. It is every bit as good as TGI Fridays and about $2.00 cheaper.

Las Brasas opens, Monday through Saturday, at 5:00 PM and Sunday at 4:00PM. The owner, Eloy Fung, visited our table and said he was still considering opening for lunch, but that will be at least a couple months off.

If you are in David, from Boquete or other remote Chiriquí locations, and want an early meal before driving back home, Las Brasas would be a good place to visit.

Before I close, let me introduce you to the waiter that assisted us. He said he goes by his nickname of Chino. He spent about 7 years in California and spoke very good English. If you go to Las Brasas tell Chino that your saw him on Chiriquí Chatter.

To get to Las Brasas, head toward the airport. Las Brasas will be on the left after you pass the Coco Cola plant. Enjoy!

15 thoughts on “Las Brasas Is Open

  1. Hello Don Ray,
    Thanks for the comment and pictures. We can´t wait to go to the new Las Brasas.


  2. Hey Don Ray,
    Thanks for this update. In looking these pics, my mouth was certainly watering. This in spite of the fact that I had just finished breakfast. Unfortunately, I am a food-aholic always seeking those near-perfect meals. I have eaten all over the world both in my 25-year naval career and post retirement, but this looks like another that I will give several tries to (can’t just sample once). The other thing that I noticed wsa that the restaurant resembled others that I have visted in Pattya Beach, Thailand;Hawaii back in the sixties, the Phillipines, etc. It seems that peoples matched in latitudes and of warm climates, have a lot in common. I hardly ait until our trip down there in December-January. Way to go!!

  3. Don,
    Husband and I were in David tonight so we tried the burgers at Las Brasas. Definitely the best we have had in Chiriqui. Sure hope they open for lunch as it is rare for us to be in David at night. Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. Hi Don,
    Sent this post to a friend retired in the Phillipines. He concurred that it looked like places there. And he agreed that the food looked delicious. That was confirmed by a previous post. Man, I can hardly wait!!

  5. Last night went to Las Brasas with some friends. They are not opening for lunch anymore. They open at 5:00 p.m. The food was good and service was courteous, however, the lights were very weak and it was a bit dark. “Chino” no longer works here.

  6. Hi Lilia. Thanks for the update. Most recently, I have been going to Mario’s. It is a little more rustic, but the food is good and it is cheaper.

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