Another PC Store To Remember in David

I was looking to find a USB Bluetooth adapter to try on my Linux system. I found the best price yesterday at Acer Computer which is in the road that runs by the side of the Mitsubishi dealer.

It is always good to have several options and it is wise to know what reasonable prices are. My price ($16.99) was more than if I ordered from YOYTEC, but I didn’t have to pay to have it delivered either and got it in one day.

They have a pretty good selection on computer assessories.

5 thoughts on “Another PC Store To Remember in David

  1. Hi DR – Glad to hear that someone had a positive experience at AcerComp. My last visit there was less than that and have not felt inclined to return. But then, that’s just me… I do agree that they have a large selection of products, but their knowledge of what works here & what doesn’t is somewhat lacking – and their after-sales service (in my case) was non-existent. At least I got a ‘free’ brief-case!

  2. Hi DSD. I remember your bad experience. I always trust my judgement and not theirs. Even this time, they had two USB Bluetooth devices. I ask which was better. They said they were the same. I read the packages and the more expensive was not the cirrent version and an older model. I took the cheaper and newer. 🙂

  3. I understand. Some times people have problems saying I don’t know and says the first thing that come to their minds and the bad thing is they think that you buy what they said.
    I work with computers and I have to laugh to not get angree when you here thinks like, it work fine or are the same or blame the computer system about a human error.
    May be one day they will learn.

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