Just A Little Trim Please

Today was my day to go get a haircut. It has been a couple years since I took Yanie’s last photo, so I had her pose following, my haircut. She always charges me $2.00. What a bargain. I was paying $10 back in Texas and my barber in Texas was not near as good looking. 🙂

UPDATE: I should update this post, since I always reference it for directions. Yanni’s price for haircuts is now $3.00. Still a bargain anyway you look at ti.

8 thoughts on “Just A Little Trim Please

  1. Hi Omar. She does a good job.

    Hi Tom. Well I tell you. I went to him one day and I think he had been drinking. He nicked me two places drawing blood and I decided it was time to see if Yanie was back in town. She had gone to Panama City for a while. She was back and I returned to her salon again.

  2. Hi William,

    If you drive down Ave. Obaldia (the street with Super Baru, past Romeros, Past Rodelag, watch for MoviStar on the right. At that corner make a slight right. You will pass a bus station and a hotel and a little past the hotel you will see Yanies..

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