Not Fit As A Fiddle?

I have been trying a new exercise routine for the last week. It is something that has to be experienced to really be appreciated. Doing it everyday really pays off. I have thought that for a long time, but until now, I haven’t been able to convince anyone else to participate with me every day.

I honestly have tried to get someone to do it with me everyday, but they have always given me a funny look as if I were crazy. Kind of an “At your age or our age?’ sort of look. Luckily, I have finally convinced someone to give it a try with me.

A week ago, we started on this new program. Everyday, I repeat, everyday, we work out. It has usually been in the morning, but one day we did it in the afternoon too. Twice in one day. Imagine that.

The first day, I took my package out, I probably only used it for about 5 minutes. I spent the rest of the day studying the correct way to use it to get the most out of it. I even resorted to the Internet to get some inspiration and ideas on technique improvement.

My exercise partner couldn’t understand my needing to read. She said when she looked at it, it didn’t appear all that complicated to her. Still, that is what happens when you associate with a perfectionist. I admit, it has taken me a full week to have the stamina to keep it up for a full 30 minutes. I hope to increase that to one hour and then maintain that rhythm. I think an hour a day is enough, don’t you?

I found out that the first thing you have to do is to really understand your package. It is more sophisticated than I realized. And, if you don’t use it correctly, then things just aren’t going to work as well as they should and I guarantee that you won’t have as much fun. With a week behind me, I have gotten much more acquainted with my equipment, and both of us are having more fun working up a sweat.

Having someone else use the equipment with you, doubles the pleasure. I know that you can do it by yourself, but really! Why do that when two can do it and you can have double the fun. You will find yourselves laughing as you both loose weight and become more fit. That is the whole idea isn’t it. Even as you are making mistakes, you will both be having fun. You may come up with other reasons for exercising your equipment, but I am telling everyone it is to become more fit 😉 .

The different yoga positions have been some of the hardest things for me to do. It really isn’t as easy as you would think. However, putting your equipment through all of those different positions can add a lot more interest as well as increasing the amount of perspiration. When was the last time you had a trickle of perspiration running down your back and off your forehead?As they say, no pain, no gain.

Even after a week, there have been a couple positions, I just can’t do yet. But I have set a goal to master every position. I am not sure how many there are. As soon as I learn one, it seems that another is offered up. As I always say, it is no hill for a climber. So far I have only mastered about six different positions. With more experience and practice I expect to improve.

Well, I have rambled on long enough for one day. I am really surprised that I am able to write after today’s workout. I went a full 30 minutes and I am covered in sweat. Still, I have never felt better. I have always heard that a “hard” workout improves your outlook on life. It certainly is having that effect on me, especially when it is as much fun as it has been lately.

I am going to go jump into the shower, but feel free to watch this video I found on the net and maybe it will encourage you to get off your butt and have a little fun also.

I got my Wii Fit package at AudioFoto, but I am sure there are other locations selling them in David as well.

20 thoughts on “Not Fit As A Fiddle?

  1. I just got a Wii Fit last night and used it today–what a blast; I can barely stand in the Tree pose but laughed throughout my workout. Hopefully, I will stay with the program; tried some of the strength exercises but found them harder on this plus-40 body (age not size). And cheesy though it sounds, the Cooking Mama game is a riot. I’m hoping for a Gringa Gardener to come out.

  2. Hi Sam. The tree pose is impossible for me at this point. I can tell that I am using muscles that haven’t been used in a while. I guess I don’t know what the “cooking mama” game is.

  3. dear don ray,

    i was up in boston & two of my nephews had a wii fit there.

    their grandparents & i laughed our selves silly. this is being used in

    nursing homes & assisted livings here in usa i really want one!

    how much do they cost there in david?

    i do not know what the “cooking mama “game is either.

    thanks again for a fun & ever changing blog. ellen

  4. The Cooking Mama is a Wii game that has you simulating preparing various dishes. Sounds tedious but you actually get a workout because of all the vigorous stirring, chopping, shaking etc. not to mention forehead slapping; even non-cooks I know like it. I wish they would come up with a Gringa Gardener game so I get a better workout. Just did the Yoga a second time and it had me laughing once again; a workout has never been this much fun. Yes, I would like to know the cost in David. In Canada it was $99 and difficult to find; we had been searching locally for over a month and I was about to order online.

  5. That price obviously does not include the Wii, which sells in PC for $299.95. Nora and I have been looking for an all around exercise machine. This looks like it might be just what we need.

    BTW, you had me going for a while with that “package” business. 🙂


  6. Hi Henry. It will give you more exercise than you would think and it it is entertaining too. The worst thing about exercise is boredome and the “package” keeps it from being boring.

    I also like that it keeps a visual record of weight lost or gained. The weight limit for the unit is 300-330 pounds depending if you bought the unit in Japan or the US. No difference in the actual unit.

  7. I am relieved that there are actual exercises involved, as I was completely confused about “your equipment”, taking your package out, sweating, new positions, wow, another porno blog, I thought…good to know it is really an exercise program. Keep it up! (whoops)

  8. Hello all! There was a Panamanian physician on a TV program this morning. He gave the best prescription for fitness I have heard: Dance tropical music half an hour every morning! Easy and without any complications nor costs.



  9. While the cost is great, I still doubt that it would be as universal as the wii program. I am more impressed each day with how it works on different parts of the body and the fact that it records the progress or lack thereof, is quite a motivator as well.

    Thanks for dropping in AS.

  10. I *found* your site through a mutual “friend” on the web. He posted your blog as a favorite.
    I have enjoyed my visit tremendously! You are a gifted writer.
    This particular post kept me interested all the way to the end! Like a couple of comments above, the “package” reference kept me intrigued. LOL Great job! Great post! Great blog.
    I’ll be back…

  11. Hi Leilani. Thanks for dropping in and taking the time to leave a comment. The blog is entertainment for me and hopefully every now and then contains information that is of interest to others.

  12. Hi Don:
    I am still loving my Wii Fit–the other half is not as enthralled. We are coming back to Chiriqui next week and would like to know if it is difficult to get the Wii system and especially the Wii Fit in David; if it is a problem we will bring one from here…had a tough time getting another one for a Christmas gift as the stores here get so few that they sell out within an hour of receiving them. I’d prefer to not trot the thing back and forth.

  13. They are not hard to find. The Wii system will run about $300 and the Wii fit will run $129. The price is probably higher here than in the US, but they are available.

  14. Hello Don,
    Do you know other place than Audiofoto and Toyland to get a wii system?
    You article was really interesting!

  15. Hi Nicolas. I couldn’t say. I haven’t looked in a long time. I think that some of the Duty Free stores in the Frontera carried them too.

  16. OK, we are staring our wii schedule as soon as I figure out how it all works. We got the bundle with the balance board and already I’m seeing it’s going to be a workout. The boxing alone had me winded (I did win!).
    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

  17. I’ll look for the yoga, always wanted to try that.

    Unpacking the thing got me winded …

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