Mara Pan in David

A recent comment reminded me that I hadn’t posted the following photos. I stopped in Mara Pan the other day. This is one of the best pandarias in David. Their cakes are as good as I think you can buy here. They make a cake called Flan Escondido (Hidden Flan) that is really special.

Here is a photo of one of their cake cases from the other day. The brown cake in the center is a German Chocolate cake and I wanted to buy it.

The next special occasion, I am going to pick one up. It was priced at $14.00. Here is a closer look.

While I think their bread is good by David standards, it is still basic white bread to me.

Mara Pan is located on the same street as IDAAN, but in the previous block.

4 thoughts on “Mara Pan in David

  1. Don Ray:
    I’ll give you that one, in breadsm variety is not the greatest in David or in Panama for that matter. But the 2 classes of bread are good.
    I’ll think about you when eating my garlic bread at my favorite Sea Food restaurant, or if making a sandwich with French Bread.

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