I Really Miss Good Bread

Last Saturday, I had a pizza for lunch at my now favorite pizza spot in David. Pino always gives us a couple small slices of bread that he makes to tide you over until the pizza comes. I think this bread is a real treat. It has the hint of sourdough, but I am not sure what it is. The slices are about 2 inches in diameter and he covers then with some topping.

I wish some of the panderias, in David, would go have pizza at Pino’s so they could learn how to make the bread. I guarantee, I would buy several loaves every week if it were for sale. Most bread that you buy here is pretty blah. I am about getting ready to start making my own bread.

That reminds me. Does anyone know where I can buy dill seed (semillas de eneldo)?

I really miss good bread!

6 thoughts on “I Really Miss Good Bread

  1. Dill seed and dill weed seem interchangeable at the supermarkets, but McCorrmick’s Gourmet Collection usually has one or the other. I prefer the dillweed for my green beans, but the seed is much better for pickling, etc. You just have to search and be patient. Not too many years back, the spice collections were oregano, black pepper, msg and adobe. Life is much easier, no?

  2. Thanks Hal. I considered the Dill weed, but my bread recipe called for the Dill seed, but I think that was mostly for the look it gave the top of the bread. I will pick up the Dill Weed and make a loaf. I had bought a special pan for the bread about a month ago and haven’t used it yet.

  3. Don Ray:
    I can not believe bread in David is that bad! Have you try “Pan Micha”?
    Next time you go to a “Panaderia” (not Super Baru or ORomero or El Rey) ask for it and try it. You have to by several loaves because is small. Also, try “giginbred” or ginger bread. If done right is prettyy good. I can not reccomend any Bakeries since I do not live there anymore.

  4. Hi Jamie. Yes, I have tried most of the pandarias, and I stand by my statement that they are all bland and blah. In the US I could find rye, pumpernicle, and other tasty flavors. Here it is normallally white or wheat. The bread that the pizza place serves as an appitizer is special. I think it would be a big seller.

    I went to the pandaria Mara Pan the other day amd haven’t posted it I guess. They are great for cakes, but again, I think their bread is only “OK”. I have been to one good pandaria in Panama City. I don’t remember its name.

  5. Don Ray: Moved to Panama 3 years ago and have not been able to buy dill seed anywhere, only dill weed. We have also ordered it but it never came in. I miss my parsley and dill potatoes as a side dish. Oh, well.

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