Linux On Display At INFOX

I had mentioned that I was helping a local store put together a PC running Linux. The store, INFOX, is now ready and the PC is in place. It is running openSUSE 11.0 KDE and has sign-ons in both English and Spanish.

I removed the Gnome capability for now, as I felt it created too complicated a configuration. It is pretty well loaded with applications that most people should need. It has Open Office, which is the Microsoft Office counterpart. It has Kontact, which is the Microsoft Outlook counterpart. It is connected to the Internet with a USB wireless connector, so you can try the Internet with any of three browsers. It has Kmoney, which can replace Quicken or Microsoft Money. It has a large compliment of games and there are many more programs that are available all for $0.

If there is enough interest, I would be happy to stop by INFOX and answer any questions. Alex is very PC savvy and in a couple of weeks I am sure he will know more about Linux than I do. Drop into INFOX and take a look at Linux. If the application function on the demo PC were running Windows, you would be looking at several hundred dollars of software. And then you would need to add firewall, and anti-virus software.

Tell Alex, in the photo above, that you heard about the Linux display on Chiriquí Chatter. You can find INFOX on Ave. Obaldia just a block or so past Rodelag on the same side of the street.

4 thoughts on “Linux On Display At INFOX

  1. Outstanding job of promoting Linux, Don Ray! A lot of us FLOSS supporters are much better at promoting GNU/Linux than developing for it. All I’ve done to date is hand out liveCDs, but I feel that it’s an important step.

    I’d think about coding, but I’m too far down the learning curve on C, python, perl, or any of the other languages in use by the software with which I work and play.

    Keep up the good work!

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