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  1. I switched from Ubunto to the free Mandrive. The youtube and video and sound all work, unlike Ubuntu.


  2. Hi Bob. You must have had something set up wrong with UBUNTU. I have never had problems with sound on UBUNTU or KUBUNTU. I personally don’t like the Mandriva distribution. It works, but I like it the least of the distributions I have installed. I sure would not take it over UBUNTU or openSUSE.

    However, that is the good thing about Linux. There is plenty to choose from.

  3. That’s life in Linux land. Some swear by a distro and others swear at it. At least we can honestly say we’re spoiled for choice.

    I’ve recently learned that Ubuntu’s tinkering with the kernel is part of my problem with my USB PCTV tuner. I may have to compile my own kernel or use a different distribution.

  4. Hi Tuxi. I need to do a little studying and learn a few more to the internals of Linux. My knowledge at the present is still pretty basic. I have ordered a Book on openSUSE 11. Since I think I will stay with SUSE for a while, I might as well use it as my learning lab.

    I have been playing with some other systems on my backup PC. I downloaded gOS and it is interesting. It is built of of UBUNTU (even used UBUNTU start up and shut down music). The desktop is interesting because they have integrated Google Gadgets into it.

    I have also been playing with the Enlightenment desktop. It is really a snazzy desktop with a lot of sizzle and doesn’t require a lot of power to produce some interesting effects. I tried it out with the Elive distribution. I see that there is another UBUNTU distribution based Enlightenment distribution and I may see if I can download it.

    I need more time.

  5. I used Enlightenment for a while. While you’re investigating window managers, try fluxbox and XFCE. I’ve used both in the past and they work well with less resources than Gnome or KDE. I know Ubuntu has packages for both, and it wouldn’t surprise me if openSuSE had them too.

  6. Yes, openSUSE has Enlightenment as well as fluxbox and XFCE. From what I have seen, however, distributions that have been tailored to use one of the desktops seems to work better than the system it is built from. I guess this is because there is more interest in making it work.

    So far, I have liked openSUSE better for KDE and I guess that is understandable because the original SUSE German distribution was primarily KDE.

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