An American Shake in David (NOT)

Shake at Java Juice
I stopped by Java Juice, across from Super99, yesterday and ordered a strawberry shake. The menu says American style.

I wasn’t surprised that it came out looking like a strawberry sundae. I had ordered a banana shake there a week or so ago and got a sundae as well. I wonder if they know that a shake is made in a blender and comes out like a smooth drink.

It may not have been a shake, but it was oh so refreshing.

8 thoughts on “An American Shake in David (NOT)

  1. Who cares if it is smooth or not?? Sure looks good as I sit here in Oklahoma in 100 degree weather.

  2. Don Ray, beware! I understand there’s a local squirrel reading your blog and is disturbed by the amount of tasty food you are eating and is determined to help you not eat more tasty foods–like pineapple!

  3. Of course they know how a shake is made. Just ask for a “batido de fresas” or a “batido de guineo”, and they will know right away what you want. They may just be confused about the meaning of the words “shake” and “sundae”. Good luck!

  4. Hi David, I agree you can ask for a batido. The point is that, in big letters on the overhead menu, they advertise Shakes “American Style”. Now if you are going to the trouble of putting those words on your menu, you should have some idea what they mean. If you don’t, then you should just put “Batidos” an be correct in Spanish.

    Many people, that order an item off a menu and get something different, will send it back. The burden of delivering what is on the menu is that of the restaurant, not the client.

  5. Hey, the strawberries look as good as ours. I’m like Glenda here in Oklahoma yesterday afternoon was 106 when I got off work at 2:30 pm. Keep up the good food habits!

  6. Hi Jan,

    I have widget on my PC desktop with temperatures of David, Panama City, Enid, and Austin and McKinney Texas. Texas and Oklahoma have been having pretty hot weather. As I said to Glenda, I don’t miss those scorchers.

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