Super Replicas – Part II

I called Tony Sinclair this morning and agreed to meet him at 1:30 PM to see their third location in David. This is the site that was in the recent video that Tony referenced on a comment on the previous post on Super Replica. I see that this video was uploaded on July 31 and is consistent with the photos I took today.

The photos that I took today are basically the same as they were in the video of yesterday.

The video says that this is their fiberglass shop. Tony said that there was a truck of finished products coming from Guatemala that will be registered in Panama and shipped out of Colon. This is supposed to be here next week. I had hoped that today would be the last day of this project. While you may be disappointed that I didn’t get any photos of finished products, I am disappointed that I didn’t get any photos of the good looking women that were in the videos. We all have our disappointments.

Maybe the next time they will have the women to show me the cars. That would be a nice touch! 🙂

UPDATE: Apparently the subject, of SUPER REPLICAS, is a hot topic and prone to “flaming comments”. To try to keep a modicum of decorum, I am going to do a couple things. Comments that say things in the manner of “These guys are crooks, scammers, etc” without any source of foundation will not be allowed. Chiriquí Chatter was not created to be a site for flamers.

I have no problem with anyone leaving a comment pro or con, but I want it stated civilly. I want it to be personal experience and have factual backup.

I personally can’t attest to Super Replicas being a legit or non-legit operation. I have been to three sites in David, and all have the Super Replica name. That in itself doesn’t make it legit. I have seen parts and pieces that go into products. That in itself doesn’t make it a legit

I have scheduled two meeting with representatives of Super Replica and they have met me at the agreed place and the agreed time. That in itself doesn’t make it legit.

I have looked at some of the replica car forums and it is evident that they can become a source of flaming by trolls and boasts by providers. Boasts and YouTube videos don’t by themselves provide the credentials of legitimacy.

I intend to make at least one more trip to Super Replicas and that will be to take photos of actual cars. Even with that, I will not be able to say who built them or where they came from. It is up to any individual client of any company to do the due diligence to verify that the company is what it says it is.

If they call and say it is time to go and there are no cars, than I will post that and it will be my last post on the subject. If they don’t call, then this will most likely be the last post. While I like to help local businesses, this has all the earmarks of becoming a tar baby and I don’t intend getting stuck in it.

I hope you understand my position.

UPDATE TWO: As you can see, I have closed comments on the two Super Replica posts. After reading some of the Car Kit forums, I didn’t want this blog to become a haven for the disgruntled commenter’s of those forums.

I still intend to follow up with Super Replicas in David and take photos of any finished car they notify me about. From the looks of things, it would be in their best interest to make some models available for a Photo-Op. They know how to get in touch with me.

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  1. Don, thank you. Everyone looks forward to seeing the finished cars as well. I sent you an e-mail too btw, hope you will take the time to respond.

  2. Hi Don
    Thanks for your pics.
    Are you aware of the names of any happy clients from Super Replicas.
    I would like to get the e-address of one or two to enquire the degree of happiness of those with their new product.
    Sadly, there has been such a lot of mud slinging on the Autoblog web site that I am another who is now extremely cautious about this outfit.
    Because I am quite remote from Mexico and Panama, I need the verfication of some other reliable eyes.

    SR also offered me a Franchise, in which at the time I was interested, but they’ve not reponded to my request for the names of other franchisees, so that I could verify the business legals and bona fides before I committed.

    Are you aware of any data which might be helpful to me in my pursuit.
    Have you ordered a vehicle from SR?


  3. Hi Rosco,

    I am not associated with Super Replicas in any way. I got into this because I had a person write me and ask about them, since I live in David. I didn’t remember seeing them, so I decided to go by their site.

    I am not a replica car enthusiast of or even a car afficionado. I am just a curious bystander. Any official documentation has to come from a representative of the company.

  4. Hi TIBI. I guess it all depends on who you ask. For a retiree, like me, I think it is pretty good. Tranquiiel, not any more or less crime than any other place in the world. Can’t answer the jobs question, but understand that jobs are hard to find.

  5. So are they Legit or scammer’s with fiberglass body kits, and MR2’s,and are you going to still look for some finished product from Super Replica’s.

  6. Brian, when Tony calles and says that there is a truck here with finished product, I will go see it as long as I am in David at the time.

  7. Don Ray you are very polite with us and patiently. Thank a lot for you time. I’m spanish guy and I hope the best for you…..

  8. Hi Don,
    Thanks for going there and showing us some pictures , really appreciate your hard work but i guess we just have to wait until there shipment is ready so you can take a look at the cars and give us a footage about it (if you dont mind please) because many ppl are really relying on you don and you have no idea how many (also other forums)!!!! as of now i cannot say anything good or bad against their company but hope they turn real. Thanks again


  9. Hi Fareed, When they call, I will go and take photos. It is up to Super Replicas. I can’t take photos of something that isn’t in front of me. I am curious to see a finished product as well, even though I am not potential customer.

  10. Hello friends

    A while ago I learned about SuperReplicas by searching replica kit car makers on the web, at first I was amazed at the detail shown in the pictures of their replicas (and obviously the low price tags, I mean I’m mexican and even here $20,000 US for a custom made car is cheap). But as I was looking at the pictures in their website, and their policies and general information the idea of a fraud came to my mind, because of a lot of inconsistencies:

    1.- NAFTA. They claim they can give such prices due to NAFTA, and yet this treaty does only affect Canada, US and Mexico, and to my knowledge there’s not a single SR factory in Mexico.

    2.- MAQUILAS. In their website they provide information about maquilas (foreign factories in mexican soil) leading you to believe they operate on the same regime. However these factories are authorized by mexican government and have to fulfill certain requirements (have a certain number of workers, operate for a determined amount of years before leaving the country, etc). So as you can see, a group of people in a mechanic garage making videos with tubular steel in the background shaped as a chassis could hardly meet mexican government requirements for a factory, much less if it’s located in another country.

    3.- THE PAYMENT SYSTEM. At the bottom of the page regarding the payments reads the following quote: “No payment is made until the Client is satisfied that the specified stage written in the contract has been completed.” However at the beginning of the very same page they ask you for “payments upfront” at any stage of your project. Now I don’t know about Panama laws, but in Mexico when you file for contract termination; you are held accountable for civil damages and DO NOT GET YOUR MONEY BACK.

    4.- THE DISCLAIMER. They claim it is legal in Panama to copy a design, reproduce it, and then sell it, because they change a few things in the chassis… I don’t know about you, but I’ve read an awful amount of articles regarding law sues made by european automobile companies to chinese companies for doing what SuperReplicas claims to be legal.

    5.- COMMON SENSE. I know all of you might have asked yourselves this very questions: in order to make a replica aren’t you supposed to have the original car to make the molds from it?, so how SuperReplicas, and their mechanic garage in panama with a few low-fee workers, got their hands on a Bugatti Veyron that’s worth 1 million US dollars, stripped it down and made the molds of their replica car? or better yet, how did they manage to do so with the concept cars they sell, when these cars are merely concepts and have not been released by their manufacturers, meaning they have no way to replicate, clone or whatever word you want to use for copying.

    Well fellows, I hope this information helps you at all.

  11. Hi Hector. I will allow your email to go through for the present. However, I always have very little trust when people submit comments with bogus email addresses such as the one you listed. I will reply to the above email address and if I get a reply from you, I will leave the comment in. From now on, if you leave a comment related to Super Replicas, I will validate that the email address is good. If the address is bogus, then the comment will not be posted.

  12. Don keep up the good work, I hope you can bring this matter to a close, I for one have had a bad experiance with Tony but that is only my experiance. In an earlier post on MAY 28th by yourself you quoted ” I was told that they have a car that is supposed to be completed in around three weeks and they are supposed to call me to take me for a ride.”

    Did they ever phone you with a finished product? that promise was over 8 weeks ago, and to be fair all the accusations on other blogs stems from lack of evidence etc….

  13. And i think that seems to have been the problem all along!!!!!! NO CARS for any one to inspect, Not ONE finshed car to authenticate there claims as a replica car builder….. I feel with you being there and being independent the truth will surface once and for all. The horrible fact is that SR have been sailing along on a wing and a prayer, In they may in the end turn up with somthing, but for the last 12 months they have promised so much and delivered NOTHING….

  14. For sure,
    you are doing GREAT JOB to help prove or maybe dis prove the legacy behind this company!!!!! Like you say time will tell but the 🙂 How much time is another debate !!!!!!

  15. Super replicas will NEVER have a finished car, they will just keep stealing photos off of Kit Car forums and claim they have built the cars … anyone can have a few stripped Toyotas or a Space frame and half finished and INCORRECT body kits to FOOL people in to beleive they are building and selling Replicas … Super replicas do this so they can STEAL money from hard working people whose only dream is to own a Ferrari or Lamborghini but can not afford the real deal so go for a replica.

    The best LIE from Super Replicas is the Black Gallardo Video .. it was SHOT in a LAMBORGHINI DEALERSHIP and then they did a voice over making out is was a replica built by them and is 100% correct to a Real Gallardo … The only reason it was 100% correct was because it WAS a REAL GALLARDO in a LAMBORGHINI DEALERSHIP!

    Mr Ray a Reply Email has been sent to you to confirm my email address.

  16. Now there is an independent man there on the ground i.e Mr Don Ray i feel this whole saga will come to an end quite soon….I know Don Ray has been waiting about 8 weeks or so to see a finshed car so the reality is there should be one to view( or not) in the next few weeks, I know what i think due to personal experiances i have had with SR i.e Tony, I am trying to be as diplomatic as possible as i am new on to this forum so i feel Tony at SR has to put up some evidence soon as it is clear Don Ray is there and can view cars if needed…… light at the the end of the tunnell they call it!

  17. That’s be real here…. have’s anyone seen a car done by Super Replica’s ( from the sound of it ……NO how long have they been doing this for “30 years”) that is a long time with no customer’s to provide proof or no car that are finished in their factory’s they have 3 factory’s for what ????? yes they have MR2’s, Frame,and Body kits and Beauitful women in a office that doesn’t look legit at all hell I can look on the internet to and look good but not as good as them . If tony Sinclair can just have a heart and say hey I am going to show you that I have these car that I have built and provide proof then I will shut up. but until then….. NO I need to see proof of a 20,000.00 to 75,000.00 for a great lookin Replica car is a dream come true,So Mr. Tony Sinclair if you can show some proof of these cars, the women LOL, and company. Then I will be everyone will be happy.

    Mr. Don Ray it is great to see some one is doing something great. thank you.

  18. Hello black ops times must be tough for you guy you are pretty desperate how many kit cars have you sold this year????? I think you can’t get a client so you have to attack us thats just bad luck hey. Well all I can say is get out of the kit car industry and start selling hot dogs you will get clients I am sure. Or maybe your famous pie you advertise on the kit car forum LOL you will not win the price war we are a much better organised company than your back yard illegal operation.

  19. Hi Tony!!!!! Just for the record can you give us a rough estimate when Mr Don Ray will be able to view a finished turn key car? This month? next month? this year? Can you give a rough date?
    The ball is in your court. It is quite obvious Don Ray is going to give an honest opinion as it has already been stated for the record on his blog super replicas 1, that he has been in contact with you since 27th May and as of todays date has not seen a finished car…

  20. Tony, I think you might be better served by stating a date when the cars will be here to see and for me to take photos. Offsetting comments benefit no one.

  21. Don this is the very heart of the problem that others have come across, i.e asking Tony to supply 110% credible evidence within a resonable time scale, The offsetting comments could be classed as a smoke screen…. I await the outcome of the last couple of posts as it is getting very interesting…. DON RAY keep up the good work as one way or another Tony aka SR are either going to make it or break it!!!!!

  22. Now that is Funny LOL…. This man Comes on here and talkes about people selling hot dog’s, but can’t show a damn car, so he can get more business, and the funniest thing is, some of us are the one that want to buy this car’s from him, and (are not from any company, least I’m not from any company). Mr. Sinclair get a car out here so we all can see the Replica not a real one, and if the sale are going good that means that we should see one of these beauitful cars in the next week or so “RIGHT”.

  23. wow I just had a read of the new posts today its amazing you kit group guys are all out of control you must be all really hurting real bad for Super Replicas to be such a thorn in your side. Don’t you realize that you a giving us more attention by slagging us with your anti-super replicas campaign. PeOple see right through your consiparcy to try and discredit us and prevent people from visiting us.
    Look guys customers are not that stupid they will look for the right price and shop around for the most trustworthy company and the way you guys attack us all the time you just cause more distrust for yourselves it is pretty obvious why no one can trust you. When we started our global campaign only six months ago not a year ago only six months ago (lets get the facts right) I remember you guys screaming at us because you claim we have ruined it for everyone. Actually you ruined it by attacking us we at Super Replicas are fine in fact our sales rises every week with record sales so in fact your mud slinging is paid off for us you have given us free publicty and you keep doing so by remarking how bad we are..LOL don’t you fools get it all your negativity has brought so much attention on us that people are just too curious to find out more information and when they do find out the truth they buy from us. Unfortunetly your conspiracy has worked against you guys because when people see your false propaganda and realize you are lieing they trust us even more and never go back to you again.
    I REPEAT THAT for you every time you tell people we don’t exsist or we don’t make replicas people loose the trust more and more in your lies because we have the proof of our videos.
    Don Ray please becareful with these people who have asked you to send them emails especially for our address we are very careful who we invite because these charactors are not
    people you would want to invite to your home, they are thugs and criminals that you cannot trust. We are only humble people who are only trying to make an honest living.

  24. Oh my GOD here he goes again smoke screen time, Tony can you just please give a date even a rough date as to when Mr Don Ray can view a turn key car, Quite simply put… a date please as your offsetting comments benefit NOBODY.

  25. Hi Tony,

    i think its better you give a date in order for Mr Don to come and check the finished turnkey car products because this is not benefiting anyone my dear we all are going in circles . as i said im not taking anyones side and il never do that as it is quite immature . if you dont mind Mr Tony kindly please show Mr Don the stages of the production and then will take it from their.




  28. Tony it is ovious you read this site so can you not set a frigging date so Mr Don Ray can inspect a turn key car, What do you fear? you don,t have nothing to hide do you? Set a date anfd lets settle it once and for all Mr Ray is prepared to see turn key cars are you prepared to show? or are you now going to smoke screen with a load of BS? Answers please Tony….

    Mr Don Ray i think we will now get every exscuse in the book to stop an inspection happening from you being a secret agent to tony being abducted by aliens lets see……..

    As in Don Rays words “Tony, I think you might be better served by stating a date when the cars will be here to see and for me to take photos. Offsetting comments benefit no one”.

  29. MR. DON RAY LOOK AT WHAT YOU DONE EVERYONE IS USING THAT QUOTE (Tony, I think you might be better served by stating a date when the cars will be here to see and for me to take photos. Offsetting comments benefit no one”.) EVEN ME THANKS DON RAY

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