An Outing With Sofia At McDonald’s

One of the places that all young ones like to go to in Panama is McDonald’s. They love the happy meals and time in the play area.

Here is Sofia with her cousin Luca on her left and another playmate on her right. It must be time for a group hug!

Here she is again telling the boys that they better be careful or she will give them a big kiss.

Meanwhile on the other part of McDonald’s, I had a cappuccino and a lemon tart (YUM). A gourmet McDonald’s, like this one, is something that you don’t find in David. By the way, I also ate one of the special China Olympic Burgers. Don’t bother.

2 thoughts on “An Outing With Sofia At McDonald’s

  1. Hi Leena,

    Thanks for dropping in. Yes, they do look like theuy could be sisters. I sent your photos to Sussan and she loved them. She and Sofia send their regards.

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