Titled Land for Sale Near David

I received the folowing email of some property for sale by owner in Chiriqui:

From……: Eduardo Horna
Email…..: riochiriqui@gmail.com

Hi Don ,
I heard about this web-side a couple of times,and I tell you what…is getting better n  better,is good to know people like you are decided to call CHIRIQUI, …their  Home, (Im a chiricano ,so you know how pride I fell)

I like that you change your pictures here n there, picture that you dont see very offen in a web-side, like down town David, any way, if you know any body that is looking to buy some land(by owner!!) my family and I are  got for sale 16 acres (6.4hectarea) right outside of David,15 min drive,nice flat land with a creek, nice view, could be sale for less, 1.8 hectarea or 4.6 hectarea,

any way, price is negociable,is also title, you can call at 6747-9088  or 6567-1127 ,
Muchas Gracias!!!

Eduardo Horna

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