Bon Voyage Natalie

Here is a photo of Natalie (left) with her mother and two sisters just before she boarded the plane for Switzerland. It was was the best of times. It was the worst of times. While all were happy for Natalie to get this opportunity, a close family always hates to see another leave.

This is a rare treat as Natalie does not like to have her photo taken. For some unknown reason she doesn’t think she is attractive. I, for one, think that this is a very attractive group of women!

Good luck Natalie, you are in our thoughts though you are far away.

10 thoughts on “Bon Voyage Natalie

  1. I just thought, how happy you are having those beautiful women around you! they all look attractive and also exotic to me.
    Yes, Don, Switzerland is much nearer Finland than Panama, but it is still over 1200 miles (about 2000 km) 🙂
    But I know, Switzerland is very, very beautiful, clean and safe country, very expensive too!
    Natalie will have a good time over there, I am sure.

    and you have a good weekend !

  2. Hi Leena, Yes, any man would be happy to be around those four ladies. They are all as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.

  3. Don Ray does seem to have an eye for beauty in this world. I still remember the photo of the Iphone (well, at least I think there was an Iphone in the picture). There may be a degree of selectivity in the photos that he publishes. You know, Don Ray, we’ve never seen a photo of your male barber.

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