Back In David

I am back, but I still have a few loose ends to get taken care of. I have to get a car registered and It is difficult to do when you have an outstanding traffic ticket. When I went on my last trip to Costa Rica, I learned that there was a traffic ticket issued for the car in Cocle. The only problem is that the car has never been to Cocle. I assume someone reversed a couple of numbers and that is what caused the problem.

I have spent the last 4 months working with the officials in Chiriqui Mall to have the ticket removed. I could just pay the $40 ticket, but it is the principle of the thing.

As of yesterday, the local office is taken care of and I am waiting to get conformation from Panama City, that the ticket was removed from the records so I can get the car inspected and get the new tags.

Even with this going on, it is good to be back in David.

4 thoughts on “Back In David

  1. My father in law got a photo ticket a number of years ago from a place that he had never been to (Nevada, he lived in California). The picture wasn’t his car, his license plate or him in the car. It took over a month to get it straightened out and only when he got his attorney involved. Bureaucracy is international in nature.

  2. I am pleased you fought it on principal instead of the easy way out by paying cash. A friend here was involved in a set up traffic fender bender type incident in downtown. It was an incident instead of an accident. The other driver who caused it came up and said we can settle this right now for $40. My friend said “no, it wasn’t my fault.” They went to court a month later. My friend lost but deserves a gold star for standing up.

    Hooray for you, Don Ray.

  3. Hi John. I am still waiting on the final word that the ticket is removed from the records in Panama City. It may not get finished until next week. Hope I don’t get a ticket for out of date tags.

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