Vandalism in Boquete?

Here is another email I received related to crime in Boquete

From……: jeff brown

Just a question, where can one post  a blog, in the Boquete area. My wife and I were at The Panamonte Inn, Sunday night, July 13th, and someone shot out our driver side back window. We wondered if anyone else who was there may have had the same experience. We assume it was a random act of vandalism.

1 thought on “Vandalism in Boquete?

  1. Hmm,
    Pretty scary Jeff, if, in fact, your vehicle was actually shot at. Could it have been some local hunting monkeys/rare birds in the forest and simply missed his mark?
    Also, you do not elaborate as to how you know the damage was done by a bullet. Did you find the exit hole? Shell casing? Projectile? I presume there are no witnesses, obviously. Maybe the window was just punched out and since you had no valuables in the vehicle the gringo hunters moved onto easier prey. No way to prevent this one though..but I have now learned through personal experience that we rich gringo ‘invaders’ have to be one step ahead of crime all the time down here. I got nailed for $350 in copper wire & 3×3 galvanized steel a few weeks ago when out of the country (with someone supposedly watching the house)! Seems to be a small concensus in my neighborhood on whodunnit. I am considering plotting my covert revenge at this point but will wait a little longer to observe my level of anger and desire for retribution and see if it doesn’t deflate!
    Remember: Everything thieves thieve just ain’t worth having & most will take the bait! LOL!
    I kind of know how you feel!
    Carry on!

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