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Following is an email that deserved posting, but was sitting in my spam queue. While it is out of date, the information on Life Flight Panama is still worth knowing about.

From……: Helen Tonkin

Dear Don,
We do have Skype but it’s just not happening for us today! so an email instead…
My name is Helen Tonkin and I am the British! VP of Sales for “Lifeflight Panama” which is the first, and in fact only, Helicopter Air Ambulance, Emergency Medical Service to exist in Panama , so far!

Probably the best explanation of our service is explained by our website  “ which I encourage you to visit, and this will also save me alot of typing!
Whist I totally understand the non commercial aspect/purpose behind your own website/blog, I wanted to take this opportunity to say that our helicopter plus crew will be visiting Chiriqui from next Sunday, 20th to Wed, 23rd to visit the ex-pat communities there plus the hospitals who we will be liaising with in the province.

We will be staying at Valle Escondido and I have been in contact with Sam Taliaferro there and also Lee Zetler of Boqute Guide, who are aware of our service and very supportive.

My hope, from sending this email, is to ask for a contact number for you as I would like to invite you to meet with us as one of Boquete’s influential voices” in the area, as obviously the more PR we can achieve by our visit the better… but not just for us but for the residents of the province.

UPDATE:Appearantly, I should have left the email in the spam bucket where it belonged. It appears that this was a scam to just get membership money and they never even owned a helicopter.

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