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Boquete Shopper

Last email, that required action.

From……: Roger Comstock
Url…….: www.boqueteshopper.com

Great blog, Don!
A friend called and told me about  a brand new site called The Boquete Shopper – www.boqueteshopper.com
I checked it out this am and it’s really somethin g that has been needed here forever.
I would describe it as a Chiriqui clone of Craigslist only better.
I think your readers would love to know about it –  already posted some stuff and got 6 calls and I think its sold – I’ll know later tonight.
Keep up the good stuff…

American Home Accessories

Here is another email that got lost.

From……: Patricia Blasser
Email…..: sales@alfombraspanama.com
Url…….: www.alfombraspanama.com

Hi I would like to ask if you could add my website to your site. I am an American and have a company called American Home Accessories, Inc.
Avenida Frangipani (Edificio Blasser)
Tel:227-1855 (ask for Amalia)
We specailize in US Made Area rugs.
Website- www.alfombraspanama.com
Great designs,good prices, and fast delivery to Boqute!

Vandalism in Boquete?

Here is another email I received related to crime in Boquete

From……: jeff brown

Just a question, where can one post  a blog, in the Boquete area. My wife and I were at The Panamonte Inn, Sunday night, July 13th, and someone shot out our driver side back window. We wondered if anyone else who was there may have had the same experience. We assume it was a random act of vandalism.

Life Flight Panama

Following is an email that deserved posting, but was sitting in my spam queue. While it is out of date, the information on Life Flight Panama is still worth knowing about.

From……: Helen Tonkin
Email…..: helent@lifeflightpanama.com
Url…….: www.lifeflightpanama.com

Dear Don,
We do have Skype but it’s just not happening for us today! so an email instead…
My name is Helen Tonkin and I am the British! VP of Sales for “Lifeflight Panama” which is the first, and in fact only, Helicopter Air Ambulance, Emergency Medical Service to exist in Panama , so far!

Probably the best explanation of our service is explained by our website  “www.lifeflightpanama.com which I encourage you to visit, and this will also save me alot of typing!
Whist I totally understand the non commercial aspect/purpose behind your own website/blog, I wanted to take this opportunity to say that our helicopter plus crew will be visiting Chiriqui from next Sunday, 20th to Wed, 23rd to visit the ex-pat communities there plus the hospitals who we will be liaising with in the province.

We will be staying at Valle Escondido and I have been in contact with Sam Taliaferro there and also Lee Zetler of Boqute Guide, who are aware of our service and very supportive.

My hope, from sending this email, is to ask for a contact number for you as I would like to invite you to meet with us as one of Boquete’s influential voices” in the area, as obviously the more PR we can achieve by our visit the better… but not just for us but for the residents of the province.

UPDATE:Appearantly, I should have left the email in the spam bucket where it belonged. It appears that this was a scam to just get membership money and they never even owned a helicopter.

Linux is not Windows

My first attempt to help a person bring up Linux turned out to be a big waste of my time. I received a cry for help email, saying that the individual wanted to install Linux because he couldn’t get Windows XP running on a Sony Laptop after removing Windows Vista.

Against my better judgment, I agreed to help. Bringing up a Linux system is always more difficult on a laptop and Sony can be more difficult than most laptops. Still, after listening to the reasons the individual needed to have a stable PC, I agreed. Continue reading Linux is not Windows