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Dario invited me to help him with a class he teaches at the Panama Maritime Training Services. Like my previous visit, this exercise was to provide interview practice and grade them on their proficiency.

There were six students out of 15 that were in the class. Nine were missing. Just like last time I had a set of possible interview questions. These were typical questions that each of the students should expect to be asked during an interview.

Anyone that has given interview or has been interviewed, knows that the objective is to demonstrate competence in communication as well as knowledge in the work area and a desire to have the job.

Of the three areas, the one I want to talk about today is the last one. I think out of the six students, four of them answered the question, “Why do you want this job?”, with similar answers.

Each described their family and told how much this job meant to them, because they could send money back home to help their family. That means their father, mother, brothers and sisters. I felt that all, that answered that way, really felt the desire to help.

I have to tell you that hearing the desire, really makes you wish you could do more in assisting them to obtain one of these jobs. Anyone, that has been on a cruise, knows that the support positions on a cruise ship require very hard work and long hours. However, the pay scale on a cruise ship compared to the pay scale in Panama provides a lot of incentive. I wish them all luck.

Here are five of the students, Dario in the tan shirt and one gringo.

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  1. De manera muy respetuosa deseo comentarles que estoy casada con un US.Navy con basta experiencia, y me resulta muy extraño que en su fotografía de presentación no veo un oficial de línea con grado mercante, oficial de altura debidamente uniformado. Es muy interesante que se esté implementando este tipo de formación profesional en nuestra bella provincia chiricana, y nos enorgullecería grandemente participar en este proyecto educativo de formación marítima.
    O J Cevall

  2. Hi Idelia, The training in this school is intended to prepare the students to work in a cruise ship as waiters, bartenders, and quarter servants. It is a limited 4 month course. They are also taught English since most cruise ships require English to be able to communicate with the guests on-board.

  3. hello I’m kelly. I am working in Panamá Maritime Training Services Inc. I didn’t know about you website 😉 that cool… bye bye

  4. Hi Kelly. Thanks for dropping into Chiriqui Chatter and taking the time to leave a comment. It is always nice to have another Panamanian reader.

  5. Hola!!! me gustaria saber si tienen algun web site con informacion de costos o algo asi; me parece formidable tener una institucion asi en la provincia 😉

  6. It’s really interesting the information in this Journal (article), i didnt know about this courses, I would like to take them, I hope its not too late, anyway i will be outside of the “Panama Maritime Training Services” at 7:00 o’clock :), as Mr. James Dean said: “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.”
    a really good though

  7. Hi Don,

    I am looking for a person to work with my family in the Bahamas as a housekeeper and nanny to my kids. I have been cruising for 10 years and I have thought about
    the persons that I have come in contact with in the cruises. They always seem very polite, know their jobs and committed. I have also tought about advertising for a person that would have worked in the hotel industry also. I have had Peruvians working for me and we love them as a part of our family, however they are going back to Peru because there is no one to look after their kids because the grandmother is going to USA for better health care.So now i am back in the market again. this process can be very tidious, but after all you are looking for someone who will be leaving in your homae and you are trusting with your children.

    I would appreciate your help if you know of anyone who might be interested in the position we would like to conversate with them. if you have a few candidates that we can choose will be great. The Bahamas as now a direct flight from Panama to the Bahamas and my husband and I are thinking about coming down in June or July.

    We do have certain criterias:

    We are looking for a female
    30 – 45 years
    The person does not have to speak a lot of English, we have been learniing for a few years
    They must be committed
    pleasing, patient and a pleasant person
    Must know how to prepare meals

    Please let me know ifyou can assist, it is not for a job on the cruise ship, but not so different but with a family.

  8. Hi Fontella,
    The post you commented on is for a company that is no longer in operation. It is still possible that someone may know of someone and will reply.

  9. I do not believe they are in operations. I know the location of this post is no longer the school. However, there is still a place in David that is associated with finding work on cruise lines.

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