Mar Caribe en Pedregal

Yesterday’s outing took us to Pedregal and Restaurante Mar Caribe. It had been recommended on Saturday.

To get to the restaurant, drive past the airport toward the marina. A little past the airport, on the right, you will see the restaurant.

Here is a photo of the front of the restaurant. As you can see it is a rustic open air restaurant.

The menu has a lot of items. I chose Fried butterfly prawn. Unfortunately, I lost a couple of photos when I loaded them into my PC and the prawn photo was one of them.

I thought they were pretty good. They didn’t come with tarter of cocktail sauce, so that may have caused them not to get a higher rating.

Another ordered corvina with a Caribbean sauce. I was told it was good. I didn’t try it.

The third order was fried rice with shrimp. I didn’t try it either, but was told it wasn’t all that good. A large amount wasn’t eaten. It looked alright, but looks can be deceiving.

The restaurant did advertise wireless Internet. I asked and they verified that they had it.

It had a large eating area and even at 2:00PM, it had a lot of customers, so it must be pretty well liked.

12 thoughts on “Mar Caribe en Pedregal

  1. Mar caribe has excellent Paella also wish I was there in David to enjoy it rather than California

  2. Any restaurant’s reputation on food is good for at most 6 months. Then you have to try it again because chefs move and management changes. I am not saying that the steaks there are good now, because I don’t know. I haven’t eaten any. My statement is just a general statement of all restaurants I have been to in Panama.

  3. We have eaten there many times always great food. Their corvina is exellent and it’s a great place to have lunch and surf the net.

  4. Don,
    I have just gotten back from Panama and I ate at that restaurant 2 times in two weeks. Both times I had a shrimp dinner (2 different ones) and I enjoyed both. My brother-in-law and his family also enjoyed theirs.


  5. Welcome back Don,
    Thanks for this info on Mar Caribe. We went for a late lunch, sat inside in cool air conditioning, had the best lobster and cheesecake! Friendly, tasty, good prices, honor the pensionado. We’re going back for fish and shrimp tomorrow! You really should try their cheesecake (okay , and the lobster!) Cheers, Nancy and Joe

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