Adventista Bilingue de David

I have had a couple emails with questions related to Adventista Bilingue for both the Escuela (grade school – kinder through grade 6) and the colegio (high school – grades 7-12).

I had some time this morning and drove up to the schools. Both schools are located on the edge of David on the right side of the InterAmerican Highway going toward the Frontera.

I first entered the Escuela and talked to the folks in the administrative office. They said they would send me information via email related to their offerings. My understanding, from this morning, is that the escuela has around 175 students. They teach English classes and I think science in English. All of the other classes are in Spanish. Following is a photo of the school.

I then went next door to the Colegio and visited with them. A very nice lady showed me around the campus. Here is a photo showing several of the buildings and the open court yard.

The Colegio has about 330 students. It teaches the following English classes (speech, grammar, reading, and spelling). It also teaches a general science class in English.

They have two computer labs, one in English and one in Spanish. The following photo was taken in the Spanish computer lab.

At the far end of this lab area is a control room, where one of the faculty monitors all of the terminals to insure that no prohibited Internet sites are visited by the students. Both labs (English and Spanish) have these control rooms.

You may visit their web site HERE.

It is in Spanish, but it should help you understand their offerings and don’t forget that Google will help you translate it if there is a need.

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  1. My cousin Elisia is the administrative assistant for the colegio, is she the one who gave you the tour?

  2. Hi Don,
    I just want to tell you that I like your web site and specially this space about CABD. I studied in this elementary and High School and I had the oportunity to serve as a profesor. I’m so glad you had taken the time visiting it. Have a wonderful day!!!

  3. I thank you for visiting our school and for having such a good information here in your site. I’m glad that many are knowing us because of you. I’m one of the English teachers… thanks and God bless you.

  4. What is the best recommended school for my 3 yr old girl when we become to live in David area? Were are looking into a school teaching english and spanish as well so perhaps a private school will be a choice.
    Please recommend what is available in David.

    many thanks,

    Henk Smits
    General manager Svitzer towing, puerto armuelles

  5. We try to find from our location (still in Europe) who and what the options are before we can talk too someone.
    Even for rent a house I find not to much on the internet.
    Any way thanks, if you have any information. I keep this site to check often.

  6. I believe that all of the English schools in David have a post in this blog. I also believe that they have email contacts for each school. Hopefully you can learn something by contacting each school. Sorry, I don’t have more information.

  7. Hi, is this school in Puerto Armuelles? I used to attend a school like this when i was 10 but i dont quite remember.

  8. hola… veo que todo a cambiado en el colegio adventista estudie hay y me siento orgulloso de haber estado hay felicitaciones a todos mi profe favorito era el profesor wigberto saludos a todos dios los bendiga att: Ricardo antonio jimenez

  9. Hello. Nice blog! =)
    Do you have any information about a school named Instituto Panamericano (IPA), which is near Hotel Ciudad de David?

  10. I need to find a college for my son, who is going
    to first year of jr high. and i want to send him to school over in
    chiriqui, can you help me please

    thank you

  11. Hi David. Not sure I can help any more than pointing you to the education posts you have already found. If you click on the tags schools below the post, you will find all posts I have done on schools.

  12. bueno la verdad es que es muy buen colegio si uno no entiende lo explican otra ves es super ese colegio lo felicito por tener una pagina informadora bueno ya me voy bye bye

  13. Hi all,

    Well I studied all my HighSchool in this school. Let me say that maybe it’s not the most luxury school in David (you know where all rich people have their children and stuff), but the quality teaching both english and normal courses is outstanding.

    I recently graduated from Universidad Tecnologica de Panama and most of people that came in my same year from other schools didn’t take many classes that I took there. And lacked of correct ways of studying. Certainly there, if you don’t understand something they’ll dedicate time to make you understand.

    Also, it’s Christian education, which means that their basis are Body, Mind and Soul leading their students in a healthy and correct way of life.


  14. is there tuition for this school and any waiting list to get in?

    Also, what months is their school year?

    THanks a bunch!

  15. Un saludo para todos los hermanos que hacen parte de tan bella institución, estoy interesada en recibir información acerca de los requisitos para el ingreso de una niña que en octubre cumple 7 años, además quisiera saber conque anticipación debo solicitar el cupo y me informen cuando inicia y finaliza el año escolar. Ahora mismo residimos en Colombia y por está razón utilizo este medio.

    de antemano agradezco la colaboración y la información que me puedan brindar.

    Que el señor los bendiga.

  16. good afternoon my name is alexandra lambert I currently live in miami florida and I’m q intereza in my daughters attend school if they could please send me information to my email regarding your location in david, how much are your monthly payments etc. .. . my email is

  17. Hi. I am noticing that all of the posts on this article are several years old. No doubt due to the publication date of the article. Are the contact emails still current? I am looking into schools for my 3 children in the David area. I have 2 elementary age & 1 who is high school age. The speak very little Spanish but are learning more everyday. So a bilingual school is a must for our family. Thanks for any info.

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