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For the last couple of days, I have had a tooth bothering me. Today I had an appointment with Dr. Miriam Rodriguez at her clinic, Dental Esthetic. I feared the worst. I am one of those patients that really needs to see a dentist three times a year.

It turns out that I had an inflammation due to my poor flossing. In her most persuasive voice, Dr. Miriam said, “Por favor, señor Don, Usa hilo dental mejor.”. Hilo is floss in Spanish. I have learned that by having multiple visits with Dr. Miriam. 🙂

I will try to do better.

Dr. Miriam did a complete teeth cleaning with special treatment to the affected area. She applied antibiotics and a protective packing that she will remove Friday.

Finding this dental clinic may be the best find I have had in David. You can pay less, and I have in Panama, but I also received care equal to the price. I have paid more in Panama and a lot more in the US and still haven’t received as good of care as I have received from this clinic.

If you want the best care for your teeth in David, I can’t give any higher recommendation. Just be prepared to hear the word “hilo” and remember to floss every day. You don’t have to floss all of your teeth. Just the ones you want to keep.

As always, if you see Dr. Miriam, tell her you learned about her on Chiriquí Chatter.

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  1. I first heard about Dr. Miriam on Chiriqui Chatter. Thank you….she is now my dentist also. She is a very considerate and gentle person and I’m happy to add my recommendation for her.

  2. hi don…
    i’m not clear, does she do general dentistry, x-rays, fillings, etc. besides the cosmetic stuff?
    thanks… norm : ))~

  3. Hi Norm. Yes, she does everything. I think she seend root canals out to a specialist, but other than that, you can get everything taken care of here. She had to do an x-ray ($5) for me yesterday.

    Her teeth cleaning is the best I have had since the US and in the US it cost me a ton.

  4. Hi Norm. Yes, she does everything. I think she sends root canals out to a specialist, but other than that, you can get everything taken care of here. She had to do an x-ray ($5) for me yesterday. One of the things I have tohave done, is for here to replace some 30 year old fillings.

    Her teeth cleaning is the best I have had since the US and in the US it cost me a ton.

  5. thanks. don..
    i’ll give her a try. i’ve been going to halphen and i haven’t been happy with them.
    norm : ))~

  6. Hi Don, have you ever heard of “oil pulling” (OP)?
    Like you, I used to see my dentist three times a year because of sore gums, inflammation and the likes. With OP every morning now these are problems of the past. Try it – it’s effective and cheap (not that I want Dr. Miriam to loose a good customer 😉 Should you be interested, I happily tell you more about my experience. Peter

  7. Hi Peter. No I am not familiar with OP. I will search it on the Internet. No worry about Dr. Miriam losing a client. Everyone needs to see the dentist at least once a year, no mater how good they take care of their teeth.

  8. Does anyone know what Dr. Miriams office charges … through her associate, Esthetic Dr. Ana, for a crown or for a porcelain veneer per tooth. From the recommendations I heard on this blog, I visited Miriams office and was quoted $500 per veneer, which was $200 more than most charge. Anyone been quoted a price on esthetics through her office? I fear the prices are increasing daily as she aquires more and more expat clients……..

  9. I don’t know the current prices, but in the past she had some monthly specials. I had thought that the lady next dore in Organic Life was supposed to send me a writeup that she was going to translate into English on specials. I haven’t seen anything to this point.

    If you happen to stop in Organic Life ask if she is translating a fee schedule.

  10. Anya comenta arriba sobre algo que no son coronas,,,es un trabajo mas complicado y mucho mas estetico se llaman carillas de porcelana pero al final conseguimos dejarlas en 400 aproximadamente cada una ya que opto por varias,,pero si es algo muy distinto a una corona de 200 como escribio espero que cuando regrese a David ver esas carillas de porcelana.

  11. Do you know if she can do a crown for a tooth implant? I am going to David on vacation and in USA as you may know is really expensive just to get the crown. I already had the implant placed and is ready for the crown. Can you help me?

  12. It’s possible her prices are going up. Went in today to inquire about a filling. I was told to come back in two hours to be seen. Returned 2 hours later, had an xray, and her very nice oral hygienist estimated the cost to be $ 50. Didn’t have the cash on hand, and apparently she doesn’t take credit or debit cards. When the dentist didn’t arrive by my appointed time, I left, requesting Dr. Rodriguez review my xray and I be contacted regarding the actual cost, as well as schedule a new appointment date and time. I expected it to happen by the end of the day. It didn’t.

  13. I feel it necessary to right a perceivable wrong. Contacted Dr. Rodriguez’s hygienist today after starting to feel some pain during the night. Called her cell phone at 7 am, thinking she would be en route to the clinic. (She lives in Boquete) Unfortunately, I woke her up, as the clinic doesn’t open til later, but she was very pleasant, advised me Dr. Rodriguez had looked at my xray and determined I had an abscess and needed a root canal. Rather than charge me a consult fee to come in and be told that, Dra. Rodriguez instructed the hygienist to schedule me directly with the endodontist, Dr. Ortiz. I may be in for some misery, but at least Doctora Rodriguez didn’t pour salt into my wound with yet another dental fee. She’s just risen several notches in my estimation.

  14. Actually, I ended up with Dra. Ana, who was great. Apparently she does the front half of the mouth and Dr. Ortiz does the back half. My problem was an incisor. Anyway, it’s all done, I was very comfortable the entire procedure, and what little discomfort I felt when the anesthetic wore off was alleviated with ibuprofen. I’m not easily impressed, but these people are wonderful. Another satisfied customer!

  15. I am seriously thinking about booking… so I am assuming she will replace amalgam fillings as well? I also have two crowns that I need and I am wondering how long these will take to make?

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