Pizza Competition Heats Up

I had been meaning to see if this restaurant had opened up and yesterday was the day. I was in luck. It is now open.

It is one of the new restaurants that has opened up across the street from Super99. Take a right into the lot beside Java Juice and park. This is the front of the restaurant.

This is a real pizzeria.

Place your order here and get ready for a treat.

You have a lot of pizzas to choose from. Mine was OUTSTANDING! It was cooked in a brick, charcoal fired, oven.

This is Pino.

Pino and his partner, Renzo, come from Italy and they will be happy to provide you with one good tasting pizza. Pino said they will be adding lasagna, spaghetti and other dishes.

I would have to put my first pizza as equal to or better than the best in David. Eat your heart out Pizza Hut.

Print out the card at the first of the post and tell Pino and Renzo that you heard about them from Chiriquí Chatter.

Shirley, if you are reading, this might be a good spot for a Gringo’s of David meeting.

11 thoughts on “Pizza Competition Heats Up

  1. Hi Don
    I am reading your blog and this looks good to me. I will be out of town for this next meeting (on Thursday). But we sure can give it a try for the August meeting. See ya there!

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