First Crack At Jalbum

Today, I loaded the first album that I converted using Jalbum. In 2005 I took a little trip to Lima, Peru and I thought the photos would be a suitable test.

Creating this album couldn’t have been much easier. Coppermine required me to upload 5 photos at a time. Where this album took about 30 minutes to build, including uploading all the photos to my host, Coppermine would have taken me all day.

Jalbum, with this skin, provided animation, music, watermarking and a lot of options I didn’t need. You can see the new album HERE.

Let me know what you think of Jalbum and the photos I posted.

6 thoughts on “First Crack At Jalbum

  1. Very interesting!!!

    So you use their software but host the photos on your own site?

    As you know, I’ve been looking into possibly breaking out from using commercial photo album sites and hosting my own albums and this is an excellent lead.


  2. Hi Mike. Yes, you have it correct. And if you look at the different skins, you can find one that suits almost any personality. I am very impressed so far.

  3. Howdy! Don,
    The photos were great and the presentation was an excellent way to view photos. Glad you have converted over. Have a good evening!


  4. Don Ray:
    WOW! Great pictures, easy to navigate. Can you put captions on them or not?
    One more thing, how do you compare a good rainstorm in David with a Texas “storm”? (Did I ask you this already, sorry maybe is my ‘OLDTIMERS’)
    Jaime (CA)

  5. Hi Jamie. I assume you can add captions. Most of the skins do. I didn’t look for it in the one I used.

    In my opinion the rain here is a little less electrical than the ones I remember in the states. The good thing is there is never any hail.

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