New Project – Jalbum

I have taken on a new project for myself. I have been wanting to spiff up Chiriquí Chatter for some time and didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. I thought about looking for a new theme, and decided against it because the Misty Look theme does everything I want and I ended up Just changing the header photo.

One thing, I haven’t been satisfied with, is the Chiriquí Chatter photo album. The software I currently use, Coppermine, requires too much effort to add a large amount of photos and is also eligible for hackers to attack.

In doing some searching for a new photo album software, I came across Jalbum. It appears to be just what I want. It is free software that will run on any PC platform and will create an album that can be loaded to the free Jalbum hosting site or to any hosted server. The skins, which give the albums different personalties, are many and varied. I feel certain I will find something that I like. My intention is to replace Coppermine with albums created by Jalbum.

It also has the ability to embed albums within a blog post, which is going to take a little more study, but looks like it could add a little pizazz to Chiriquí Chatter.

You might also be interested in Jalbum, if you want a location to store photos on the web. Jalbum also offers hosting. Depending on the amount of space you can choose from free to €95 a year. My free site is It will contain some photos soon.

Well that is my new project. When I get more done, I let you know.

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