Ópticas Sosa y Arango, S.A.

I received the following email today:

Hello Don Ray,

I would like to let you and your readers know that SOSA Y ARANGO OPTICAL CLINIC, THE AUTHORITY IN THE SUBJECT, WITH 18 CLINICS ALL OVER THE COUNTRY IS NOW IN DAVID AND IN BUGABA, and we will be more than glad to provide you and your readers, our service for all of your optical needs.

best regards,

Merybeth Quirós

Gerente de Mercadeo

Ópticas Sosa y Arango, S.A.




4 thoughts on “Ópticas Sosa y Arango, S.A.

  1. Hi Don: Please, please, I know you don´t write the e-mails. My comment was for the writer of the ad, not for you. Without implying anything against Sosa y Arango nor their personnel, I should stress that there are quite a few international “authorities in the subject ” here in Panama. What should foreigners do? The more interaction with Panamanian friends, the more you will know who is who here.


    If you are the best, Why can I see with your glasses?
    I see better with my old glasses!

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