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I received the following email. If you have experience in this area, I am sure Christine would like to hear it.

From……: Christine Ward

We will be visiting Panama around the beginning of September, with a view to retiring there in 2010 (Chiriqui area).

Our Daughter and her family will be moving with us, and I would be interested in getting information re how suitable this area is for young families.

If anyone currently living in this area would be kind enough to contact me I would be very grateful

Great Web site, keep up the good work

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  1. Don Ray:
    I do not live in Panama anymore but I believe it will depend on, the opportunities for that kind of work they do in Panam or David, and their willingness to earn less than in the US, because most likely that will be the case. Also in the ability to adapt to a different enviroment, culture and lifestyle.

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