12 thoughts on “Breakfast At McDonald’s In David

  1. I’m truly glad to hear you survived the experience, Don! We go there for breakfast when it’s a choice between McD’s and starvation or we’re in an I-dare-ya mode or I want to prove that I still can eat everything and anything and walk out of the restaurant without EMT assistance.

  2. Hi Joyce. Interesting. I always enjoy a breakfast there once in a while,

    Have your meals been bad? I have thought they were comparable to those served in the US and to get pancakes, sausage, English muffen, hashbrown potato and a drink for $3.90 isn’t all that bad. I don’t do it often, but if I do, I enjoy it.

  3. Hello from Orlando,

    Yes, those prices are very reasonable, But rather eat at the Fonda behind Super 99 for even cheaper prices. Coffee, eggs ham & potatoe was less than $2! I ate there often when I was there on vacation.

  4. Hi Gary. Haven’t heard from you in a while. Sometimes you just want a breakfast that has something that tastes like Jimmy Dean sausage. I agree that there many Panamanian breakfast places that serve a good meal. The Multi Cafes close to Parque Cervantes, for example.

  5. Yes, the prices are better than here in Ok. Do they have the new iced coffee there. It is really good and has a good boost of caffeine for the morning. Jan

  6. I would rather eat at local Panamanian restaurants but, expecially when you are in a hurry, nothing beats McDs. This is a typical McDs, no better, no worse. An old and still good, dependable standby.

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