Practice Your Spanish, Reading This Panama Blog

While I was going through some of log statistics, I noticed a referral from a Panama Blog called – Panama Mio (My Panama). It is written by a Panamanian Lady living in Atlanta, Georgia. It is written in Spanish, but with the assistance of Google, those that don’t read Spanish can still enjoy it. HERE is a link to the Google, Spanish to English, translation for this blog. If you prefer reading in the Spanish, go HERE.

I have followed this blog for a while, and it is always good to see Panama through the eyes of a Panamanian. For those English readers that want to improve their Spanish skills, you now have another exercise medium. I hope you enjoy the link. It can also be found in the Chiriquí Chatter Link list under the Panama Personal and Photo Websites category. If you know of other blogs that I should add, drop me a note.

6 thoughts on “Practice Your Spanish, Reading This Panama Blog

  1. Thanks, once again, Don Ray! This is really cool because you can mouse over the English and see the Spanish. Nifty!

  2. Thanks for the posting and helping more people to read I added to our blogroll the translation link.
    It would be nice to be able to take ownership of the changes in the suggest a correction link google has.
    Perhaps there might be a good wordpress plugin to provide for custom written translations, so we wouldn’t have to duplicate each post or the entire website to create human written english version.

  3. Hi Sacha. Glad to help. The English link may help also. While the translations are not perfect, they are better than nothing. The google gadget that I use for translations is as good as I have come up with. There are some “pay for” plug-ins, but I don’t think they are any better than my free gadget.

  4. Hi Don. Thank you for your comment about my blog, I really appreciate it! I also visit your blog frequently and enjoy your posts and how people get involved leaving their comments. I am from La Concepcion, Chiriqui, so it is always nice to hear news from the province. Keep on the good job with your blog! and thank you for reading mine too!

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