I Hate When This Happens

For some reason, when we get a lot of rain, it disrupts the ability to get water. This morning I am without water. I hope this is a short outage.

Then when I went to check the Internet, I had no connection. It came back in about 30 minutes. Today is not starting off all that smoothly.

UPDATE: It is now 5:20 PM and there still is no water.

UPDATE: The water appears to have come back around 7:00PM.

12 thoughts on “I Hate When This Happens

  1. For once, we don’t have any problems. Usually, when there’s a lot of rain, some main water supply pipe breaks thanks to increased pressure on the (old, too thin, damaged, pick your favorite) pipe. It’s really ironic that there are more problems during the rainy season, when there’s an abundance of water, than during the dry season! You might think about boiling your water when you get it back, or otherwise purifying it.

  2. It is ironic isn’t it.I can usually count on 3 or 4 times a year that I don’t have water. Usually no more than a day. I can also count on having about 3 or 4 power outages too. They are usually no more than a few hours.

  3. Did you have much flooding in David yesterday? Lloyd Cripe in Palmira near Boquete reports 9 inches of rain yesterday alone, 26 inches for the past 8 days, and 40 inches for May. He says that broke last year’s record for May, and last year was supposed to be the wet one! I have no idea how much we received but it was a LOT.

  4. Dear Don,

    I agree with Joyce: This should be due to pipes which are old, too thin, damaged, you name it. Water has been a minor problem for me today. I placed some ice cubes in the microwave to get clean water. This has been a minor problem compared to the TACA accident in Tegucigalpa. I have relatives whoi are frequent travelers in Central America. One of them, had to take a COPA flight to come back to Panama, but due to the weather conditions, the flight was canceled. Then, I had a tears shower before the regular one.


  5. If there was flooding, it was in areas other than mine. There was enough rain over the last couple of days that low lying areas could have easily been flooded.

    Sorry about the flight problems AS. Flying during the rainy season is always a little iffy. This is the time of year I only fly in the morning hours. Even then it isn’t guaranteed.

  6. Hmm, I missed the TACA accident. I scanned the Panamanian newspapers this morning, but the big stories were about the helicopter accident in Panama City yesterday. What happened?

    And Don’s right–either Mary or I have been held up in flying out of David to Panama City several times due to poor weather in the capital during the rainy season. It’s iffy for sure.

  7. Hello again:
    The TACA Airbus accident in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, was a breaking news on CNN and is already in the Yahoo news.

  8. Just looked up the Airbus accident. It was weather related. Overshot the runway. That is a problem to be aware of when bigger planes start coming to David.

  9. Don,
    The water outages, when there is a lot of rain is due to IDAAN stopping the water supply in Dolega. They do this to keep the overflow from contaminating the water supply and to clean the
    aerators that scrub the water supply. If you will notice, after a heavy rain and when the water is off for a day, when it comes back on it will be whitish if you put it in a clear container. They shock the water supply with chlorine. Having the water off for a day is a small inconvience for having a reasonably safe water supply. Just remember not to use too much the day after for drinking and direct intake.

  10. Hi Steve. I don’t know where you are, but historically, if my water has been off several hours to a day, it usually comes out extremely dirty. I have never had it come out whitish.

  11. Don,
    I’m in David. You may have a underground leak in a main in your area.
    That would be the reason for dirty water after a flush out. Finding it in the maze is another problem.

  12. That just goes to show you that even in the same city, services are different a lot of the time. One person may have C&W and it is horrible, another it is great. Some may have a lot of water shortage and others don’t. Thanks for leaving another comment.

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