7 thoughts on “Gas Prices May 30, 2008

  1. Hi Don:

    This issue is getting out of control. I wonder how much our economy will support it?

    This morning, a Colon transportation entity couldn’t buy light diesel and stopped their buses. Passengers were left stranded.

    This situation is getting pretty scary.


  2. We aren’t too far behind you in prices here in NE Texas. Diesel is at 4.62; regular gas 3.89; premium 4.19. Prices are higher in Shreveport, Louisiana and in Arkansas. I went to town Saturday, gas was at 3.77…the next day after unemployment figures and new oil prices, the price jumped .12 a gallon. People here are really getting upset not only with the gas prices but also the increases in groceries. And on a good note, I read we (retired military) may get a whole 3.9% increase next year…yippeeee…we are gonna be rich ! ! !

  3. Just had to leave a comment here. I just arrived back from Alberta Canada. As you know this is the place where we produce the gas that we sell to the US. Even though we produce it and ship it, the US has always enjoyed lower prices than we have in Canada partly due to the fact that I am assuming that we have higher taxes on fuel. When I left on May 31 the price of regular gas was $1.21/liter which is $4.23 a gallon. My truck here is a diesel and it was great to get here and buy some of Panama’s cheap diesel. This is a world wide problem, not exclusive to Panama.

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