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I had to get out of the house this morning. 36 hours of rain required me to get a small bit of sunshine. One thing I did was go by Las Brasas. If you know this restaurant, which is on the way to the airport, you know that it has been closed for remodeling.

Here is how it used to look. It was raining, and I decided to wait to take photos of the changes.

They are still working on the final touches, but I was impressed with what I saw today. I talked to the owner, Eloy Fong, and he said it would open around the middle of June. Mark your calendar.

If you have eaten there in the past, you won’t recognize the building. They have done the inside with some rustic brickwork, but it will retains the casual atmosphere it had in the past.

I asked Eloy about the prices and they will increase a little. For example the burgers will probably be about 50 cents more. Still a bargain and still cooked over charcoal. They were my favorite in David.

They are also increasing the menu to include some more seafood. Eloy said they would begin operations, using the same hours as in the past (open at 5:00 PM), however he plans on starting daytime operations after a few weeks.

I left Eloy a card and told him to let me know when the building was ready and I will go back and take photos.

He is also planning on getting prepared to accommodate children’s parties to be able to compete with McDonald’s. For we adults, there will be no comparison. If the burgers taste as good as they used to, they can’t be beat.

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