Another place I had to go today was to my health insurance office. ASEGURADORA MUNDIAL used to have its offices next to Cocina Rica. That is where I went. When I noticed that the space, where the office had been, was now empty, I knew they had moved. Nothing slips by me. 🙂

I had seen the new building going up and their sign on the building, but I thought it was a second office. It isn’t a second office, it is THE office. Now I know. You can see by the time I took this photo, the rain had stopped.

To know where this building is, follow these instructions.

Take Avenida Obaldia, which runs in front of Super Baru, toward town. When you get to the MoviStar office turn right on the one way street. In a few blocks, you will see it on the left. With building like this going up, you can tell that David is continuing to grow.

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