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I received an email for a person in the US asking about a replica car manufacturer in David. I hadn’t heard of then and I didn’t even remember seeing them. As it turns out, I just haven’t been paying enough attention.

Super Replicas is in David and the location is presented on their YouTube Video below.

I called the number on their website and went over and took a tour of their operations, which are on both sides of the street.

To answer the question of the person that wrote me, they do exist and the photos contained in their brochure related to their facilities, is consistent with what I saw. They have multiple Youtube Videos and again, most everything in the videos was shot in David.

I didn’t see any finished products, but I did see both tube frames that were being prepared as well as an MR 2 that was being torn down and lengthened for a conversion. I was told that they have a car that is supposed to be completed in around three weeks and they are supposed to call me to take me for a ride.

Interesting. Kit cars have been around for a long time, but I never kept up them. I look forward to seeing a completed car and taking some photos. I didn’t take any photos today since everything I would have taken is on their web site or their YouTube Videos.

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  1. Hi Don Ray I just saw your article above, looking forward to your pictures, and I hope you get your ride.

  2. I am interested in following up with Super Replicas, any updates? Did you take a ride?

    I have noticed that in one of their promo ads they have a Mercede SLR McClaren project and the final photos are shot in a snowy place and it appears to definitley be a real McClaren SLR probably in germany, there is no snow in Panama right.


  3. Hi Mike. No. I was thinking of them today. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and another appointment Tuesday, but I will try to go by the shop later this week.

    You are right. There is no snow in Panama.

  4. In response to the thing about the snow. That’s the wrong video. That is some amateur slapped together slr from some idiot on youtube. Thats not anywhere near close to the super replica model.

  5. Hey Don,

    Have you seen any cars from super replicas yet? I know for a fact people worldwide are waiting to see these cars.

  6. Hi JohnS,

    I can’t respond to whether any car in the videos are their cars or nor, since to this date, I haven’t seen any.

    Hi Benny, As I said in my comment on July 13th, I went by and they said they needed a few more days and would have a couple cars they would show me. They have my contact information and have not called or sent an email.

    They will have to get in touch fast, because I am getting ready to be out of town. Until I see an actual car, I know nothing more than anyone else does.

  7. Hello David,

    What are the finished products that they will be showing you? Also can you find out the mileage for it please.

    I am interested in buying a Reventon from them or a Bugatti but for ONLY 20k? It seemed almost like a joke, an exact same looking car that’s 20k but the original over 1m?

    Also, from their site almost all of their photos for vehicles I’ve found to be on google! They also lack grammar and spelling on their site which led me to believe it isn’t very professional.

    Looking forward to photos!!!

  8. Hi Earl. I had a few minutes today and stopped by the shop. There was no one there that represented Super Replicas. I left another card and told them to get in touch with me. It was lunch time. Until I see an actual car, which to this point I have not, then I know nothing.

    It is not unusual to see websites in poor English coming from Latin America. If you run good Spanish through a google translator, the English will not be very good.

    Based on my schedule, unless they contact me tomorrow, it is unlikely I will see anything before August. They were supposed to contact me this week and didn’t.

  9. Hi I went to visit Super Replicas in Mexico and I drove the Reventon replica.
    It was based on the MR2 Toyota 1995 model and I liked the look it is really is nice they did a good job on the painwork, but to drive it feels like an MR2. Well my opinion is its better to buy a newer donor car maybe the newest models, they offer a 2004 MR2 for 23k I think it would be more reliable and faster thats just my opinion.
    I test drove their tube chassis version of the replica LP640 it had a twin turbo 351 V8 with 1000 horsepower that was hot.
    This car handles so well and it is a pleasure to drive very nice interior this was the one I chose to buy. I put down my deposit and they told me in six weeks it will be ready. Once I have it I will post my photos of my new Murcie okay!!!!

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  11. It’s hard to believe this is a fraud operation when they have an actual building. And according to Tony Sinclair (who I spoke to on the phone) they have 16 factories in latin america. The amount of detail that has gone into their site and videos makes it difficult to take it for a fraud especially with the contract that is signed upon before purchase. I guess we’ll find out soon enough, if this is a fraud op it won’t last long.

  12. Hi John. I have come down with a cold and doubt if I will be by the site tomorrow. Since I am scheduled to be in Panama City for the next two weeks, I probably will not check back with them before August.

    I understand that there is a lot of interest, but to this point, I have only seen the couple of frames and mr2 that I saw on my initial visit. I have seen no finished products

  13. Hi Andy. I am currently in Panama City. It wll be a while before I get back to David. When I do, I will try to go by the shop again. To this point they were supposed to contact me two different times to take photos and did not contact me on both occasions. So far, I have never seen one of their cars that are to be delivered.

  14. Yea, I am very convinced these guys are a fraud. I have never seen a picture of their finished work. Only pictures I see on their site are photoshoped pictures I can find on Google Images. The cars they include in their videos are stolen from other videos and claim them as their finished work. Here’s an example, the clips at the end of their video is taken from an authentic Reventon test drive for a magazine.
    Super Replica:
    Reventon Magazine Test Drive:

  15. Hey guys, this is what i heard from another forum. Super Replicas do indeed exist, but they do not build cars. Instead, they tune and modify them. And there hasn’t been a single picture in their 30 years of business. I don’t know about this… but I’m looking forward to what you can find out Don Ray.

  16. Hi Don,

    I came accross this link talking about the build stages for the same Shop Super replica. It seems to me that the shop your checking is one plant of many spread in the region. Looking forward to read what you think… since this topic is catching a lot of attention. Just for the record i am a ligitimate buyer not assosiated with supereplicas.

    Checkout this link:

  17. Hi Fransico, I will be back in David soon and I will make another run by the shop. I need to see a car soon or I will get bored with this project.

  18. Hello Sir,
    sorry for the delay.
    I have been very busy these last couple of weeks with foreign investors visiting us, but if you could call me on
    507 64060287 all send me an email I will take you to another facility that you have yet visited.
    This facility is different than the other two places you have seen and has the Reventon replicas, Bugatti Veyron replicas, Mclaren SLR replicas, Ferrari 360 replicas and the LP640 replicas.

  19. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for the email. I just returned to David and I am trying to get the end of month items taken care of. It may take me a day or two to get caught up. I will call you soon.

  20. Hi Don Ray,
    you will notice there are a few charactors on your forum that are pretending to be interested and then start attacking Super Replicas.
    These individuals have a hidden agenda to demonize a reputable company and falsely claiming that Super Replicas doesn’t exsist and they don’t make exotic fiberglass replicas.
    Here is the proof that Super Replicas does exsist and they do make fiberglass replica exotic cars.
    Please visit

    and then visit

    and then visit

    In these three videos there is more than enough evidence to prove that Super Replicas exsists and they make fiberglass exotic cars.

    Why all the hype and hate mail against Super Replicas by their competitors?
    This question is best answered with the simple words (envy and racsist hate) because Super Replicas is a foreign company with Latin workers.
    And because we provide a better faster and cheaper service and products. For more information about why we are attacked by our competitors please visit

  21. is it possible the SUPER REPLICAS just heve some frames and MR2 if somebody will going there than they can show them some job and when you are paying you can run affter your money?!?If they are so busy why Don RAY can not saw any cars?????Why they are not sellin the cars on EBAY????

  22. Hi Tony and TIBI, When I take photos, then all the questions should stop. I am alwaus intrested in helping local businesses get good press. I hope to have time to do that in the next few days.

  23. Hm.I just saw the SUPER REPLICAS videos and I think if some company have 30years experi.then they are need to have bigger garage,and i can not saw any ready to drive cars?

  24. Hi TIBI. I think you expect too much. While I haven’t seen a car yer, I expect to. I know their site exists. I have an appointment scheduled this afternoon to meet with Tony and that should clear up all of the questions.

    I understand that there are a lot of trolls that like to attack for the sole purpose of creating fear, uncertainty and doubt. This is sometimes know as the FUD factor. I for one would not expect to see a company similar to General Motors or Toyota building replicas.

  25. honestly, i dont think these guys are scammers. the matter on hand is their proof, people will react differently if these guys had pictures of finished cars. im from the uk so i would be sceptic about wiring money to a garage in latin america. Tony, if it is possible would you post some pictures of finished cars and/or film a build diary under the cceptance ofthe customer


  26. Hi Alex. I understand exactly what you are saying. I have an appointment set up for this afternoon to see another location of Super Replica in David. If there are cars there, I will take photos today.

    TIBI – I think you need to give it a rest. You don’t appear to have $20,000 to lose and sound more like a competitor. No more comments from you until after I take photos. Understood?

  27. fantastic, people should just be grateful that your even checking super replicas out for them. have a good day and remember you camera haha

  28. Hi Alex. As I have said before, I rarely leave without having my camera. There is always something going on in David I want to take a photo of.

  29. Don please do check it out and for god sake take at least one picture i mean this confusion have to end today!!! its not only this blog but many many forums go against super replicas and i am lost in between to tell you the truth me and five of my colleagues wanted to pay a deposit but this thing really causes for me doubts as well as them , listen Don , Tony have to understand that people also have their believes too i mean just clear the picture and Mr Tony we are not asking for a top gear show in your facility my dear all what we need as a consumer
    some pictures or a video of different stages in your facility of one similar car , Mr Tony we are trying to work a common ground between you and us so try understanding as the case is very sensitive now . hope don will clear this today.

    Godbless you

  30. Hi Fareed,

    We will see what we will see. I know that some of the delay has been mine, because I have been out of town. I don’t represent Super Replica, but I do think they need a fair shot at calming the skeptics.

  31. Hi guys
    I have seen their photos, but price 50kUSD for completed bugatti veyron replica with 2 bmw engines sounds amazing.
    I doubt of quality of this car ;-), if really exist something like on their photos.
    I am waiting for any message from personal inspection 😉

  32. I have E-mailed Mr.Sinclair, and they E-Mail you back. I have been lookin all over for a Replica and each E-mail, site I have been on they never E-Mail back so I think they are real just staying on low key matters, for good reason. Look at all the competitors out in the world today and they do the same thing, make business look very bad, and sometimes it works. So do some home work, and talk to someone that has been their before,and don’t listen to anyone else that haven’t

    Can’t wait to do business Mr.Tony Sinclair

  33. Superreplica are a Bunch of Criminals, I was buying the copyrights to the Lamborghini Concept Car which they have on their Site. I was in touch with the Designer and both he and I requested superreplica REMOVED the design off their site and NOT to claim they have kits of the car, they REFUSED even after the Designer asked them to REMOVE his design from the site. The deal fell over with the designer because of superreplica. The Concept Lambo was going to be made here in Japan as an Electric Vehicle.

    Superreplica also has photos of a Murcielago Replica built by a UK company called EXTREME. Extreme have also Requested that superreplica REMOVE their photos from the Site and youtube and superreplica has once again refused.

    A lot of the photo that superreplica has, have been taking from from the REAL builders. Complaints have been filed with the FBI about superreplica by a dozen of the REAL builders of the cars the superreplica claims they have built.

    Tony Sinclair is an Australian like me, so I have filed a complaint with the Australian Federal Police, and have forward on all correspondence between myself and the designer and between myself the designer and superreplica, if he sets foot back in Australia there is a good chance he will be arrested for FRAUD.

    Superreplica are nothing more than a bunch of criminals…. They have never built a single Kit Car and having a stripped MR2 or a Space Frame does NOT make you LEGIT…

  34. Hey Don Ray are you okay man, just checking in on you. You said that you were going to the Super Replica shop and ever heard from you. do were have to called the FBI to help find you LOL man hope things are good out their.

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