Super Replicas In David

I received an email for a person in the US asking about a replica car manufacturer in David. I hadn’t heard of then and I didn’t even remember seeing them. As it turns out, I just haven’t been paying enough attention.

Super Replicas is in David and the location is presented on their YouTube Video below.

I called the number on their website and went over and took a tour of their operations, which are on both sides of the street.

To answer the question of the person that wrote me, they do exist and the photos contained in their brochure related to their facilities, is consistent with what I saw. They have multiple Youtube Videos and again, most everything in the videos was shot in David.

I didn’t see any finished products, but I did see both tube frames that were being prepared as well as an MR 2 that was being torn down and lengthened for a conversion. I was told that they have a car that is supposed to be completed in around three weeks and they are supposed to call me to take me for a ride.

Interesting. Kit cars have been around for a long time, but I never kept up them. I look forward to seeing a completed car and taking some photos. I didn’t take any photos today since everything I would have taken is on their web site or their YouTube Videos.

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  1. TIBI (are you saying that Super Replica is a real Replica maker and you have seen their work.) show me a photo or Video. I am still waiting for Don Ray. I hope he is alright???????

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