Just A Reminder

Don’t forget that this Friday will be a special night at Renegado. There will be David’s special brochetas, and Sangría and live music.

David and Bertha invited me over to test the brochetas last Saturday night. They were outstanding. They were cooked just right and the seasoning was perfect. I gave them two thumbs up.

The following plate was for a couple of us, but on Friday I think you will get one brocheta with chicken, one with pork, and one with beef.

My judgment could have been a little impaired because Bertha made me two Peruvian drinks. One was a Pisco sour, which I have had many places, but I will tell you that her Pisco sour was the best I have had.

I think the second one was an algarrobina cocktail, which also had Pisco. It was smooth as silk and after it, a cardboard board box would have tasted good.

Unfortunately, I don’t think either of these are on the menu because the ingredients are hard to get. She just makes them for family and I think she has adopted me. Thanks Bertha!

According to David’s comment the other day, the price Friday will be $7.50. On David’s comment he said to

Phone for reservations : 774 59 77 – 6715 6267 ask for Bertha,
she doesn’t talk English, but is funny.

David cracks me up. Actually, if you are going to make reservations in English, I would ask for David. He is funny also.

Someone commented the other day that my menu was out of date for Renagado, so I took another photo.

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