Daily Archives: May 25, 2008

Indiana Jones y el reino de la calavera de cristal (Doblada)

I just looked up the new Indiana Jones move in La Prenza. As you can see, the movie is not in English, but is dubbed. I don’t go to many movies, but I was planning on going to this one. Normally all of the good movies (with the exception of children’s movies) are in English with Spanish subtitles. Not so with this one. Thinking of Harrison Ford talking in Spanish just doesn’t blow my skirt.

I guess I will have to wait and rent it at Blockbuster. Bummer.

WordPress Re-Installed

I decided to re-install WordPress to see if a few more of the things, that quit working after the move to the Cluster Environment, can start working again. Hope I didn’t forget anything. 🙂

If tomorrow’s “one-liner” fires all by itself, that will be a good sign.

UPDATE: The test failed. The scheduled post was still seing in the queue this morning (May 26) and the time had expired. I also have not been receiving my automated WordPress backups. I don’t know why these functions no longer work, but it started after the move to the Clustered environment.