Its Sweeter When Its Free

Remember my Pineapple crop? Well all but one was ready to pick. Here is a photo of one getting ready to be sliced. Remember, if you want your own pineapple plant, just plant the green top and be patient and wait. Ah, it is so much sweeter when it is free.

6 thoughts on “Its Sweeter When Its Free

  1. In a few months, we ought to be ready to harvest our first, which will be really small. At the time, I didn’t know how to get my own plants, so I asked a friend for one, an she gave me a started plant in one of those notorious bolsas negras. I didn’t get it into the ground for a long time, and when I did, cheerfully neglected it in my customary fashion.

    But now I’ve got my own; some from what I think is the most common form–pineapples we bought at our fruit and vegetable kiosk–Smooth Cinnamon. I have a few others from Balboa Gold, which we bought at Rey. They’re so sweet AND low acid as well.

    I envy those with good soil who can just put them into the ground. Me, I pot up the top, wait until it’s got some solid roots, then transplant it outside into a well-prepared bed.

  2. Congratulations Don! That is very exciting. I once grew some of my own cucumbers and tomatoes and arrugula in New Jersey and you’re right, they taste waaaay better when they’re plucked from out back!

  3. My pineapples don’t appear all that often and when they do it is a real event. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment matt.

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