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Since my web host moved CC to the “flavor of the day” improvement called Clustered service, all blog functions are not working well. In the past, when a comment came in, I would receive an immediate email notification generated by WordPress. Now the notification may come up to a day late or in some cases I receive no email at all.

I use a scheduled post for the “One liner” post. Some days the scheduled post doesn’t fire and remains in the queue. I have a scheduled backup of CC and in the past I receive one email around noon with the backup. Since the move, this may or may not happen.

I have currently changed all emails to to avoid the problems I have had in the past with my domain email address. Gmail has never failed me.

I guess I will keep an eye on the WordPress “strangeness” for another week and if things are still weird, I may reinstall in case something was lost in the move.

2 thoughts on “Blog Performance

  1. Hello Don,

    We knew about this particular issue. We have developed a script that handles the mail a lot more efficiently on the cluster and you should start seeing mail that uses mail() send out, what it seems, faster than when you were on the shared hosting or the VPS.

  2. Hi Kaumil. Thanks for the good news. On a very positive note, the move has absolutely stopped 100% of my SPAM. I know that is a new feature of your plans, but I am surprised that it is as effective as it is.

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