Roxane’s – The Grill House in Boquete

I had an invitation to visit some friends in Boquete for afternoon coffee and conversation. This justified an opportunity to visit a new restaurant in Boquete. Roxane’s has been open since last December, but it is still new to me since I don’t get up to Boquete all that often.

Roxanes is located on the left side of the street as you enter Boquete and before you get to the main part of town. Here is what it looks like from the street.

I used to eat at this location back in 2003 and it has no resemblance to when I last knew it. The interior is pleasing. There is a river running next to the restaurant and its sound adds to the ambiance.

Here is a photo of the bar area.

Here is the grill.

This photo gives you an idea of the seating area. I think they can seat around 30 people.

I will include the menu at the end of the post. I apologize for the quality of the menu photos, but they are covered in plastic and I have had to adjust the contrast to make them readable.

Our table had an order of Chicken nuggets with bar-b-que sauce. $4.50

I ordered the 12 oz baby back ribs. $9.50

Another had the 12oz New York cut, with a baked potato. $10.95

Bread and mashed potatoes were ordered, but they were out.

So how was it? I thought the environment was very nice. The chicken nuggets tasted good. My ribs were very good, but not any better than TGIF in David.

I was told the New York cut was good. The baked potato was short on butter and had marginal sour cream and chives.

The prices are definitely not for the average Panamanian. However, from what I ate, the quality was good.

With gas prices as they are, I figure that the trip to Boquete and back cost me around $8+. The menu follows.

19 thoughts on “Roxane’s – The Grill House in Boquete

  1. Riding US school buses that could no longer pass inspections may be cheaper, but contains some risk as well. While I have ridden the bus, I don’t plan on doing it any more.

  2. We visited Roxanne’s about 2 months ago. One had a cheeseburger; one had ribs. Both entrees got a C. We haven’t been back.

    Oh, and don’t let anyone talk you into trying the new “Mexican” restaurant across from Los Establos – unless you have your annual dividend check in hand and want to blow it on a muy mal meal. Costoso y non auténtico.

    I’ll gladly spend my 8 bucks transport to get me to Renegado any day!

  3. Hi Wendy. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I am glad you warned me about the Mexican food place. I would have probably tried it next.

    I would give Raxane’s more than a C, but it isn’t a place I would eat at regularly, even if I lived in Boquete. I wondered about the burger. I thought for the price, the burger should be great. If it is a C, then I probably have no reason to return.

  4. Greetings from Joensuu!
    And thank you for your visit and comment.
    We should have a spring here, but the weather does not know that or it has forgotten. But everyone is saying, so what, children are still in their school, who needs warm weather now. Schools will finish after two weeks, hopefully the king of weathers will remember then children of Finland 🙂
    I send special greetings to Sofia and wish all the best to you and Lilliam.

  5. Hi Leena,

    I enjoy your photos often. It is always a treat to see Finland through your eyes. Also warmer seeing it through your eyes. 🙂

  6. Hi!
    Two of us had lunch at Roxane’s when we visited the Feria de las Flores. We both had bacon (almost burnt), lettuce and tomato burgers. We asked for natural pineapple juice (on the menu); my cousin got it, and I got the juice from a can. I agree with Wendy and give this restaurant a C.

  7. Hi Adel. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I guess we may have been lucky on our visit. I thought the food was a little pricey, but that can be blamed on the Boquete effect. Our food was OK, not great, but as good as I would have expected.

    I hope they improve their quality. People will be willing to pay a little extra, if the quality is good. But if quality is poor and service is lax, then eventually the doors will close.

    The only thing that was substandard was the baked potato which was cooked fine, but missing enough butter and sour cream.

    I usually give a restaurant two times to really check the consistency. Inconsistency in quality drives me crazy and I quit going.

  8. We have eaten here 3 times since they opened. The food has been good, the service fair and the prices high. The rotisserie chicken is very good but at 11.50 per whole bird with everything extra, We think it is way over priced. We are waiting for the new rotisserie chicken restaurant to open right next door to Roxane’s. We know it will be cheaper and we hope just as good or better. And yes, the new Mexican restaurant across from Los Establos is mediocre and over priced.

  9. Thanks for adding your comment. Let me know if you find a good Mexican food restaurant that serves enchiladas and crispy tacos.

  10. wow!….I no longer recognize my hometown! Thank you for the blogs and specially for the great photos!

  11. I left Panama in 1983…..Boquete in my teens…… I found your site after looking for a online store in Boquete, and now I am looking forward to all your past and future blogs and photos.

  12. Hi Ana. Most of my photos are related to David now. Boquete Guide is a blog in Boquete and will always have more information related to Boquete than I will.

  13. Hi Don, Thank you for the information, is interesting to see what is going on in Chiriqui, now that I have the time to browse the web.

  14. On my opinion some ex pats come running down to Boquete thinking that two pennies will buy them great flavor and taste.
    In the US aplate of fries costs $5.00.
    Stop complaining and dedicate your time to god.

  15. This is some of the best steak I’ve ever eaten anywhere. Well worth the price. Superb steak. Argentine beef is the best! I’ve lived in Boquete 5 months and have eaten there 4 times.

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