Organic Life – A New Store In David

Saturday I stopped by a new organic store in David. It is in Plaza Mallorca and to the right of Dental Estetic. I spent some time talking to Brittany Wilhelm and took some photos in the store.

I asked Brittany to send me a short email and I told her I would put it in the blog along with the photos.

Today, I received her email.

Dear Don,
Here is a short blog on Organic Life and what we have to offer:
Chiriquí’s first organic food store has now opened in the center of David. Organic Life is proud to bring to the province a large selection of organic foods, both live and packaged. It is Organic Life’s mission to make healthy living available to those who desire to sustain their bodies with life-giving foods. Both the prevention and cure of diseases can be channeled through the alimentation of healthy life-promoting foods.

Organic Life has in stock a large variety of foods processed without chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, or preservatives. Those are what attack our human cells, disabling their functions. By eliminating the toxins from the foods we eat, and even the environment around us, we can promote healthier and happier lives.

Live foods carried include organic vegetables such as leafy greens, spinach, broccoli, cucumber, and carrots; fruits include piña and papaya, melons and bananas. Packaged products brought in from areas such as Panama City and Costa Rica include pastas, sauces, oils, body care products, household cleaners. A variety of snack foods are also available for the kids or those who need munchies during the middle of the day. As our customer base grows, and our suggestions increase, we will be able to provide more products for the benefit of the individual consumer. We look forward to providing healthy organics for those in the Chiriquí province.


Yamir Melara & Brittany Wilhelm
Organic Life Management

Here are the photos I took inside the store. As you will see, they have a little bit of everything. As I was walking out, I noticed that they had Paul Newman chocolate covered peanut butter cups. You will be happy to know that my will power held up and I didn’t buy any. Not sure if that will be true the next time I visit.

If you drop by the store, tell Yamir or Brittany that you heard about Organic Life from Chiriquí Chatter.

13 thoughts on “Organic Life – A New Store In David

  1. Good Morning, Don:
    I also stopped by the store and had a great talk with Brittany. She is a thoroughly engaging young woman and I’m wishing her great success in this endevour. Up until this point, the only place to get organics was in Panama City, which is quite inconvenient. I’m on a therapeutic diet and rely heavily on organics. Believe me, it has made a big difference in my health. So, I’m very excited about having this store in David and I hope that people will visit and talk with her. She’s very knowledgeble about her products and could advise anyone who is interested in a change for the healthier.

  2. Hi Kathy,

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Hopefully more people will learn that this new store is now open.

  3. I was so pleased to read about the new store “Organic Life”. I am a vegan, planning a move to Panama sometime in the future. The photos taken inside the store were great. I could recognize so many items that I use on a daily basis. I was very curious to know if I would be able to find a store with vegan items.
    The products are wonderful and I do love the Paul Newman chocolates!
    Please patronize the store and keep it going! Just go in and take a look around and talk with the owner, more than likely you will find something that will want to try.

    Chalk up a big hit for David!

  4. Hi Glen. Thanks for dropping in. The people that run the store are nice young folks. It is a unique store for this area. I think the 2nd such store in Panama.

  5. My wife has been exploring Don’s CC blog here and just emailed me with a link to this page a few moments ago. She spotted the Silk soy milk on the shelf. Our 6&7 year old boys have been drinking this since they were 2. Our location choices when we move to Panama in a couple of years are narrowing to Chiriqui and so…seeing Silk soy milk on the shelves in David made her day. Thanks, Don, for all the work you put into your site.

  6. There is an organic store in Boquete as well, I’m so happy to see these stores opening up and thriving! I go back and forth from Panama to California a couple of times a year and hope to be able to bring organic products down as needed to help these stores keep going! Its hard to source these products and every little bit helps.

  7. I was just wonder if you guys sale a Whole Milk and 2% Milk there I do have twins they are drinking whole milk and I would like to know if I be able to find this type of milk, so please let me know if I can find it ….


  8. Hi Don,
    I ran into your blog, because my husband and I are interested in the possibility in moving back to Panama, currently we own an organic farm for almost 10 years, and we have being in the business of organic farming for almost 13 years, also we own a small health foods store. We live in MN in a small town were our farm and store are located. I am originally from Panama. We are interested on perhaps doing something similar in the Chiriqui area. I google health foods store in David and I ran into this store -Organic Life -and your blog, but it looks like the store is no longer in business? any knowledge why went out of business? Any advice for someone who maybe interested in this kind of business in David? is a need for it and it could have a future there?
    I will appreciate any information.
    Thank you

  9. You are correct, it closed its business. It was run by a young couple and I think they just moved to other endeavors. Some organic farming is done in Panama. Finca Santa Marta, which I have blogged about, provides organic products to several areas.

    I can’t say how large the market is, but I know several people that used to go to that store.

  10. Hi Don…your information is helpful. Christine and myself produce a skin and hair health care line based on pure, manually cold pressed, virgin and organic coconut oil. We have just started but we are seeing potential. Pure Panama Oils is the name of our company.

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