Now On WordPress 2.5.1

If you came by in the last hour, you may have found a notice stating that CC was down for maintenance. I posted the notice so that the outage would appear a little more planned than the past times when the site was hacked.

The WordPress 2.5.1 release contained multiple fixes, some of which were security related.

4 thoughts on “Now On WordPress 2.5.1

  1. Don, on a wordpress related note, may I ask you which plugin you use for your superb quotations?

    And also what plugin you use for your tag cloud.

    I ask because I am presently in the middle of building a music themed wordpress blog.

  2. Hi Sunshine. The answer to both questions are the same. It is the MistyLook theme that provides the quotes in that format. The tag cloud is supported natively by WordPress 2.5 and MistyLook includes a Tag Cloud widget.

  3. Thanks, Don. I downloaded and installed the MistyLook theme there now (I have tried earlier versions of it in the past). But there are no plugins in the download…and none appear on the demo site (or on my site with mistylook deployed).

    The quotes and tag cloud are obviously deployed via their respective plugins. Not a biggie. Thanks anyway.

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