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UBUNTU Studio Revisited

It has been a while since I tried UBUNTU Studio and I have just put it on my backup PC again. It is current with UBUNTO 8.04 and as I stated in my last review of UBUNTU Studio, it is tailored to people that have a higher interest in Audio, Video and graphic arts.

I remembered liking it better than the standard UBUNTU desktop, even though it is also built on the same Gnome underpinnings. I have been using Linux Mint. The advantage of a native UBUNTU distribution over a UBUNTU derivative is that you don’t have a delay on upgrades or fixes.

UBUNTU 8.04 has been out for over a month and Linux Mint still hasn’t gotten their comparable release distributed. If my test on the backup PC goes well, I may adopt UBUNTU for my primary PC as well.

As a side note, there is another advantage of Linux desktops, that I have noticed. If you install multiple languages on the PC, then you can boot in which ever language you want. This is nice for me, because I sometimes have people that need to use my PC that only speak Spanish. In that case I can sign out and sign back in with the language changed to Spanish and all applications and all menus are now in Spanish. Each user of the PC can have their sign on to use whatever language they want. How neat is that!

This would actually be a good thing for schools here in Panama that want the students to learn better English. The PC could be brought up in whichever language is most appropriate. You can’t do that with a Windows PC. I don’t know if a Apple PC allows a multiple languages option or not.

This would be a good display option for PC stores in Panama that wanted to demonstrate Linux in both languages. It might even open up a new market for them.

Practice Your Spanish, Reading This Panama Blog

While I was going through some of log statistics, I noticed a referral from a Panama Blog called – Panama Mio (My Panama). It is written by a Panamanian Lady living in Atlanta, Georgia. It is written in Spanish, but with the assistance of Google, those that don’t read Spanish can still enjoy it. HERE is a link to the Google, Spanish to English, translation for this blog. If you prefer reading in the Spanish, go HERE.

I have followed this blog for a while, and it is always good to see Panama through the eyes of a Panamanian. For those English readers that want to improve their Spanish skills, you now have another exercise medium. I hope you enjoy the link. It can also be found in the Chiriquí Chatter Link list under the Panama Personal and Photo Websites category. If you know of other blogs that I should add, drop me a note.

TACA Airbus Accident in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

The accident yesterday in Tegucigalpa, Honduras was tragic, but it appears to me that landing there isn’t that easy in the best of weather. If it is raining and foggy, then the difficulty increases.

Here is a video I found on YouTube showing the approach that is required to land in Tegucigalpa. Imagine a rain filled foggy day and you can see that it is an accident waiting to happen.

I have learned to schedule a flight to Panama City from David, or vice versa, in the mornings during the rainy season. Usually the mornings have a better chance of being sunny, while the afternoons always have a chance of rain. It can rain anytime, during the rainy season, but the probability goes up in the afternoon.

You may be aware that the David airport is funded to lengthen its runways to accommodate larger international flights. I hope they are planning plenty of extra stopping room for these planes. Of course with the way fuel prices are going, that runway extension may take several years.

UPDATE: For some more photos of the accident check out this blog’s post with photos.

Who was the first person to say “See that chicken there….I’m gonna eat the next thing that comes outta it’s butt.”

I Hate When This Happens

For some reason, when we get a lot of rain, it disrupts the ability to get water. This morning I am without water. I hope this is a short outage.

Then when I went to check the Internet, I had no connection. It came back in about 30 minutes. Today is not starting off all that smoothly.

UPDATE: It is now 5:20 PM and there still is no water.

UPDATE: The water appears to have come back around 7:00PM.


Another place I had to go today was to my health insurance office. ASEGURADORA MUNDIAL used to have its offices next to Cocina Rica. That is where I went. When I noticed that the space, where the office had been, was now empty, I knew they had moved. Nothing slips by me. 🙂

I had seen the new building going up and their sign on the building, but I thought it was a second office. It isn’t a second office, it is THE office. Now I know. You can see by the time I took this photo, the rain had stopped.

To know where this building is, follow these instructions.

Take Avenida Obaldia, which runs in front of Super Baru, toward town. When you get to the MoviStar office turn right on the one way street. In a few blocks, you will see it on the left. With building like this going up, you can tell that David is continuing to grow.

Coming Soon!

I had to get out of the house this morning. 36 hours of rain required me to get a small bit of sunshine. One thing I did was go by Las Brasas. If you know this restaurant, which is on the way to the airport, you know that it has been closed for remodeling.

Here is how it used to look. It was raining, and I decided to wait to take photos of the changes.

They are still working on the final touches, but I was impressed with what I saw today. I talked to the owner, Eloy Fong, and he said it would open around the middle of June. Mark your calendar. Continue reading Coming Soon!