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Meeting And Greeting Residents of Panama

I recently had the occasion to get to know up close and personal one of the oldest residents of Panama. I considered this an experience worth sharing. Many of these older residents, because of their history and upbringing are very shy and usually stay out of sight.

When you do do bump into one, it is good if you see them before they see you. Sometimes they can be a little cranky, and while not singling out gringos, usually gringos are the most concerned by sudden introduction of these two diverse cultures. Continue reading Meeting And Greeting Residents of Panama

A Recent Posting on

Our friend in Bugaba was robbed, beaten nearly to death and tortured for three hours (by two masked men) for the combination to his safe (which he was of course willing to give, but explaining how to work a combination lock with a language barrier is nearly impossible). He was tied up, kicked and slashed all over with machete and knife. The Bugaba police arrested one perpetrator (an employee), but only kept him for 24 hours, so he’s out walking the streets (until trial?), the other (unknown) assailant is also on the loose. The Bugaba police have waived the usual 3-month waiting period for acquiring a gun, and have taken our friend all over Bugaba to find a gun for sale, all without success. Does anybody have a hand gun or even (second choice) a shotgun to sell to our friend? Please write

If you don’t have a sense of humor, you probably don’t have any sense at all.

A View Of The Future?

Today was a day of contrasts. Microsoft posted a drop in earnings of 11% because of a major drop in software sales. I think this stage has been posturing for some time now. You can only put out bloated and over priced software, while missing target dates for so long before it starts catching up with you.

Microsoft’s failings have been a tremendous boon for Apple, which has been taking advantage of this opportunity and has increased its sales. Apple has a very good software product, but I still believe that the hardware is over priced. Apple missed it’s target date for the release of its latest OS, but it certainly came closer to hitting it’s date with a more stable product than Microsoft did.

Meanwhile, UBUNTU released its latest release, today, on its target date. It is starting to capture the attention of more and more people. The price, for a system that is more secure than MS Vista and coupled with a wide range of software that will satisfy the needs of most people, is $0.00. For countries like Panama, a move to Linux is something worth considering.

Money will buy a fine dog, but only kindness will make him wag his tail.

Follow Up To A Previous Post

This was a follow up to a previous post. The purpose of the other post and this post was to provide enough information that a possible contact could be made between two people.

I have removed the previous post as well as information on this post that is no longer needed. I considered the information personal and provided it before just to allow the process to take place. It has and the information is no longer needed.

I will leave only minimal information here. I hope you can understand my desire to provide those involved with anonymity.

Moon Over David

A little before 7:00 this morning, while I was on my walk, I noticed the moon in the southwestern sky.

The sun was just coming up in the east and having the moon high in the western sky gave quite an experience.

I took this photo over a palm tree to give a little perspective.

Then I zoomed in to take as close a photo as I could take. I thought it came out pretty good for a hand held camera shot.

The nicest thing about the future is that it always starts tomorrow.