2 thoughts on “Chiriquí’s Environmental Problems

  1. I often wonder what type of environmental regulations are in place in Panama (if any) and whether or not ANAM has the authority to enforce those laws. I really wish the public officials would pay attention and create the avenues to make the existing laws enforceable, and/or enact tougher laws. My dream is to move back to Panama and do environmental work (I currently work for a state environmental agency, I’m an environmental engineer). Thanks for sharing these information.

  2. Kayra,
    I think an option not be overlooked is to change the attitudes of the people about trash. They think nothing of just dropping whatever they have and move on. I walk by a creek everyday it makes for a nice dump for stuff people want to get rid of.

    Just look at the way people dispose of chewing gum. They don’t wrap it in paper and put it in trash. They just throw it as far as they can and let it land wherever. Downtown you can see the black splotches on the sidewalks and even at the new downtown park. There is a barber shop downtown. You can go by after hours and see where the barber sweep his hair clippings onto the sidewalk. The attitude is …it is someone else’s problem.

    I think the place to start is teaching the children in the first grade.

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